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November 28, 2004

Week 10 already!

Not sure that I sure be happy or shocked that it is week 10 already!

Piles of work. Body need a rest. Lack of sleep. Still doing ridiculous a million things.

Have fun in the holidays!

Happy dancing! :>


November 24, 2004

how can i be able to create an entry on someone else's blog?

How did this happen? how did i get to be able to post an entry on your blog Fiona? Bwah ha ha ha ha ha
I was just reading it when, bam! i could create an entry. Wierd. I may as well have a bit of fun with it.

November 18, 2004

MPS re–union

MPS= Marymount Primary School

Briefing from those who don't know that part of my life:
7 years ago I left a school: Marymount Primary School in Hong Kong to come over to study in England as I am now! I was a bit of a Sh*t then of which I would like to apologise now! I have been living in regrets of those times even till now. I hadn't been able to face it all until now. Hence I hadn't really been in contact with many people from there up until now!

Anyway, my point is that I am trying to find people from my year and do a reunion this Christmas in Hong Kong… So spread the words if you know any one from MPS!!!

On lighter note: we fenced against Loughbrough yet again and we LOST65-125… well we’ll do better next year hopefully!

November 16, 2004

WORK Work work wok….

work is chasing me… Damn it why can't it be a guy instead! :p

Just kidding…

Gosford party finished and pics and fully up-loaded onto my blog! :>
Knackered… Looking forward to CAD marathon tomorrow morning! RIGHT!

Busy day ahead of my tomorrow…

Catch you all LATER with intereting stuff hopefully rather than me ramballing on WHATEVER random English sentence flowing in and out of my head! :>

November 15, 2004

Sorry folks

HAven't been around much to take picture hence no new pics in my galley as of yet!

Illness is passing by!! Thank God. Though still have aftermath to clear up! Maninly naming work. Projects CAD drawing, report, portfolios, e-mails, articles, etc.

Missing the great world of technical theatre!

Been declined for sound training as well as the tech member job at the Union. I take it as a good thing as I will be busy trying to catch up everything I have missed for my illness.

Have a dancing competition on Sunday and a fencing match this Wendesday.

Oh forgetting the exciting Mac expo on Saturday and the GRAND opening of the Apple Store in London on Saturday!

November 14, 2004



And I have spent 5 hours today attending Warwick Communication skills!
It was an experience. Those thing I thought I was good at in reality or rather in practice I was awful at!

I find the concept very strange. Every since I left Bryanston especially losing touch of theatre and responsibility of having to lead a team I have been VERY selfish. Always thinking of myself only. Is that a good thing or bad thing? I am losing the aspect of me that I am most proud of as well as fond of! The whole caring for others and trying to develop them concept. Maybe God is giving me another job to fulfil or is He testing me seeing how much I will stick to it or to fight it back?

I loved my crew! I wanted the best for them. I established a friendship with them.

Just aimless wondering around Uni these days, trying to get involved in as many things as possible yet not concentrating in any of them.

Losing aim and vision…

After Tom's comment I feel like I have something aim now…

Learn to drive would be a GREAT start and geting a Landie!! :> Well I can't sail now I might just use that time to learn to drive.

November 12, 2004

Awsome industrial visit to Jaguar plus preview of Land Rover's new discovery

I am getting better… No fever to start of with! :>

Yesterday we went to Jaguar at Brownslane for an industrial visit! It was awesome. We have had a lot of questions to ask for our Economics project/report so we asked after spending about an hour in the show room admiring the cars and more-so the engines! :> Then had my 2nd visit to the factory.

What hade this visit VERY interesting was that we saw the Aston Martin with the BIG Union Jack on it like the one in Austin Powers. WOW… man…
Then there was hundreds of the new Land Rover Discovery outside and a few inside the factory to finish up the last touches…

I have to admit that after their review on this Discovery I was not all that impresses! At first when I looked at the front I almost mistaken it for a Range Rover! The side of the Landie looks too cool to be a discovery then here come the back side!! Somewhat looked like a Nissan little truck’s back side! Not impressed at all what so ever… Land Rover does not really look like Land Rover any more! They all try to be a little more like Range Rover, but I thought the point of Land Rover was not just to be pretty but hard-corely practical!

I mean even the Nissan back looks better than the Landie!

Please I would like to here you comment on the new Land Rover Discovery!

November 10, 2004

Acute bronchitis

Follow-up to NOT so well from Fiona's blog

Woken up by an alarm for 9am tutorial this morning, eventually got dressed and got to the seminar room where it was held. Was a few minutes early saw my tutor and he said if I wanted I could leave but the fact was that I used up practically all my energy to get to my tutorial I couldn’t quite make my way back to Westwood! Sao I stayed and before everyone arrives at 9am I went to book an appointment for this morning to see the doctor. Not long into the tutorial I was feeling worst and was ask to go and get some rest, which I desperately needed! So I headed back to Westwood.

Slept for a short while before waking for a doctor’s appointment. Went to the Health Centre and waited for an hour for the appointment. Meanwhile I was keeping myself amused by reading this Internet Magazine talking about blogs… then the legal size of internet, then gadgets, and finally what intrigued me the most was an article (a very honest one too) about internet filtering in China! Title: The Great Firewall of China I think that is a must read for all! Extremely good stuff and valid point there.

Check out something about The Great FireWall of China on:

Or alternately GOOGLE it! :>

November 09, 2004

NOT so well

Illness have crept up. And I am down with flu! Continuously feeling shite. Crap night sleep and try to be alert during the day… feeling sorry for myself!

Thank you for those who were kind to me especially today and yesterday. Lending the shoulder and an ear. :> (Andy, Dan, Kristian, etc..)

After the work marathon yesterday I think I will take the advice of Andy and go and rest for the night! I think my body is telling me the same thing in a different way! :>

When I am better more cheerful and funny stuff will appear! :>

Like check-out lady asking whether my dinning card belong to me so I replied "Yes and thank you for the confirmation of the obvious fact — I look like shit! :-p

November 08, 2004

Less–so–Manic monday

Monday has always been a busy day full of activities for me or rather lectures and seminars plus labs only with an hour for lunch and an hour for dinner. :>

Well I am surprisingly awake!! I am not complaining but mere surprise. Have a BAD cold and feeling all blocked up inside me... the not thinking very straight mode I am in. And trying to draw a simple CAD drawing in that mode proven much difficulties. Therefore postponing drawing to Another time preferably before Wednesday afternoon when I meet up with the my lab partners and get on with some work! :>

Lab partners are VERY important people in your life. They keep you cheerful doing boring academic time and give you a driving force to do the assigned work if you guys are compatible. I am lucky in terms of my lab partners :>

In my skills seminar I seemed the annoying always arguing type there but I was merely trying to keep myself interested by asking something that I actually wanted to know but not already seem apparent to me.

While I still have that driving force I must get back to my room and do the work for Wednesday before I forget or run out of time!

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