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October 31, 2004

Halloween Ball

So I was dragged to go as this was my first week-end spending it in Warwick… So I got dressed and went to the ball. Jo needed to put her coat down so we did and went heading to the bar on the way meeting the Gosford folks… The boys dresses in masks though recognised them but the pink shoes laces…. :p

Kept on bumping into people I have met the first night I was at Warwick… it was strange but great to see them again…

Some awesome costumes at the ball including a Bill Clinton and a Santa Claus????
I had to take a photo of them just to prove to myself that it was actually there!!

Depression is starting to creep up on me! I MUST run away!!......

October 30, 2004

22 hours without sleep

Day started crap…. then it continues to go bad…. though not worst!
Felt asleep in the first lecture I have today though only through half a slide! Managed to keep up with the pace of the lecture though!! Pretty impressive I thought! Then we had an hour gap before the next lecture and we went to play pool at Rootes…. As I was taking my jumper off I suddenly realised that my bottom layer T-shirt was on the wrong way round!! It was 3 in the afternoon! It meant that I had been wearing the T-shirt wrong way round for 8 hours!!! Unbelievable…
The playing double in pool (I mean I am CRAP in pool) then I did this amazing SHOT… guess what… the wrong colour!! I love to entertain and amuse myself! I was not very awake… Then Andy shot the wrong colour in as well I the same game… Apparently he didn't mean to do that and I did!! Much laughter….
Random night at Gosford… check out the pic on the left in Galley section…. Weird people I live with!!
Love them really…
Been up for 22 hours now… better go to sleep!!

October 29, 2004

Annoyed with blog

First of all it won't let me log in from my own laptop but from anyone else's! Then up-loading photos become a problem.
Now I have successfully lost all my content of happy thought in writing a positive entry!!
I am in hesitation of many things from little things that never used to be an issue to whether I should or rather COULD get a job.
For once in my life I hesitate what to wear this morning!! WHAT??!! Just didn't have a good start in the morning I suppose!! Was woken up people down my corridor coming back from wherever at about 3 in the morning then I just couldn't quite get back to sleep even though I was exhausted [I have been fencing for 5 hours on Wednesday and then yesterday evening I have been dancing (Latin and Ballroom) for 3 hours]!! And I mean KNACKERED Then I ended up getting up at 6 in the morning working! Now it is 11 am and it feels like midnight to me!!
Couldn't log on to anything relating to Warwick today REALLY annoy me…
The thing is with me is that either I have full access of everything I needed online or not have a computer around at all…...
Being somewhere in between just not helping the length of my temper with a crap night sleep!!!

October 26, 2004

Stressed but not out

I have had a million things to do today well at least it felt like that!! Mum just left the country and doing so leaving me behind a hell lot of aftermath to sort out: Ringing people, e-mailing people, writing to people

… Just never seems to end… The thing is that I am a full time student and I DO study… Whatever else I do (which seems full-time as well) should have been part-time!! That making me having about 3 full-time jobs at the same time!! And WHY do I still keep a blog on top of all this insanity it seems to me now?! To amuse myself I suppose…… the out part of Stressed bing put here rather than anywhere else in my life I suppose!!

I mean WHO honestly READ my blog entries???!!! Most of you are here for the pretty (more like funny pics I have put up and have ask you to see…)

I am enjoying it but from time to time I feel it is just falling on top of me. ALL and entire. And I am certainly feeling that NOW

Well I better be getting

October 22, 2004

Appently from another questionaire

Follow-up to Reflector from Fiona's blog

Visual: 8
Aural: 8
Read/Write: 10
Kinesthetic: 8


Reflectors like to stand back to ponder experiences and observe them from different perspectives. They collect data, both first hand and from others, and prefer to think about it thoroughly before coming to any conclusion. Because the thorough collection and analysis of data about experiences and events is what counts, they tend to postpone reaching definitive conclusions for as long as possible. Their philosophy is to be cautious. They are thoughtful people who like to consider all possible angles and implications before making a move. They enjoy observing other people in action. They listen to others and get the drift of the discussion before making their own points. They tend to adopt a low profile and have a slightly distant, tolerant, unruffled air about them. When they act it is part of a wide picture which includes the past as well as the present and others' observations as well as their own.

How reflectors learn best

Reflectors learn best from activities where:
They are allowed to watch/think/chew over activities.
They are able to stand back and observe; observing a group at work, watch films/videos, etc.
They are allowed to think before acting and have time to prepare.
They can carry out painstaking research, investigation and probing.
They have time to review what has happened, what they have learnt.
They are required to produce carefully considered analyses and reports.
They are helped to exchange views within a structured learning experience.
They can reach a decision without pressure within their own time.

Advantages of being a reflector

See new ways of doing things
Come up with creative solutions see long-term implications of things
Can see the total picture
Are unhurried, don’t get in a flap
Listen to others and share ideas
See connections between different subjects being studied
Present work in novel and artistically appealing ways
Are good at coming up with new alternatives
Pinpoint important new questions

Disadvantages of being a reflector

Can’t see the ‘trees for the wood’ – forget important details
Wait too long before getting started
Can be uncritical of ideas
Don’t organise work well
Don’t like work or revision timetables
Only work in bursts of energy
Forget to bring key books, etc. for homework
Are easily distracted from the job in hand
Don’t rework notes or classify material
Are too easygoing, not assertive enough with friends or teachers

According to the questionnaire

Based on the answers to the questionnaire:

You have a strong preference for being an Activist
You have a strong preference for being a Reflector
You have a low preference for being a Theorist
You have a moderate preference for being a Pragmatist
Your strongest preference was found to be: Reflector (79%).



I don't know whether they are supposing to help or just waste of my time!!

I had Physio before I had my surgery and YET still I dislocated it 3 times more!! Then after the surgery it was useful for a few weeks to get some movement back together.

And NOW I just been to the Physio this morning, basically said the same thing as the other Physio I saw about 4 weeks ago in London.

The botheration about it all is that I still can’t do things I would LOVE to do such as sailing and archery, etc


Anyway bed is CALLING


October 21, 2004


Unbelievable!! Last 5 years of fencing I had been fencing a Foil only with 2 lessons in Sabre. 0ut of those 5 years 4 years I was fencing with a ‘laissez-faire attitude’ (In the words of Griff: Thank you) coz it was know for its ‘slackness’ around Bryanston PLUS on top of everything it was an INDOOR sport. Never been a great friend of playing hockey out in the rain or netball! :> Only the very last year at Bryanston I somewhat took it seriously.

Came to Uni of Warwick in late September, somehow with some strange push inside me I decided to join the Fencing club and I did and went along to the trainings. Week 3 I am already in the Ladies Fencing team and guess what I was fencing all 3 weapons! (Epee, Sabre and Foil!) The night before the match was my first time holding an Epee!!! We didn’t do that badly considering there was only 3 of us in the team and all of us have to fence all 3 weapons. Now week 4 I have had my second match already! Though didn’t fence all 3 weapons coz we were running late and due to injuries!!!

On my birthday my mum even bought me the whole entire fencing kit! For the last 5 years I have only been using school kit because I never thought I will take fencing seriously and now I am having a BRILLANT time in fencing finding myself enjoying a lot of it!!! :>

I still don’t feel completely settled in though! I still haven’t found myself much involved in the gritty side of drama (tech theatre- backstage, lighting, sound, etc).

Another another

Another day
Another lecture
Another lab
Another dance
Another song
Another blog

AND there goes another DAY

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