May 15, 2005

The fittest survive or the most read?

Yet another day. Yet another year. I thought life would be interesting at University that I won’t get bored but this year have proven wrong. I blame it mostly on my injury or (I should but it as Ex-injury). I need to get out more often and regularly. I need to get more fresh air regularly. As I catch up with friends who are still on their gap year I am not sure whether I am depressed by the fact that they are out and about having no worries of exams or lucky in a sense that I still have a little concentrate let from school for me to cope with exams!

Exams exams exams… is that all academic have evolved to? I know that it is suppose to benchmark people so for employers or who ever else easier to identify the quality they need in people. Now it had become ridiculous I think. You have to take a personality test to prove that you can get a long with people so you can be hired? WHAT?! When had it meant that if you failed to answers these questions in a certain way or you so happen that you didn’t get on with the person access you that means that you are unable to work with other people? I still believe in experiences rather than text books. Not everyone can learn from text books efficiently that they would be able to apply to situations. Whereas “putting one at a deep end” makes them have to learn fast and apply what they already know. The world is all about survival the fittest not about who can read most, which is not what I believe God's design is about.

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  1. I agree. We are looking at a pretty warped definition of fitness here.

    There are so many of us now that it is becoming very difficult for companies to recruit people based on direct experience of their knowledge and skills. Before anyone is willing to invest time and money into hiring new people and developing them. Graduates cost companies considerably in the first few years, before they generate enough revenue to cover costs, much less for a profit.

    So more and more of the hurdles are before the job, not on the job. This is, it seems to me, the mainstream job market.

    Then there is always the route into jobs via contacts, or at least into experience. The more job experience, the less important a university degree becomes.

    Anyhoo, it's back to exam revision…

    15 May 2005, 18:25

  2. I agree too,

    i mean u only have to look at the quality show the apprientice to see that the guy that won it(Tim) wasnt the most qualified, he worked his way up through the ranks of LOndon Underground, but dug in and tried not to let his own ego get in the way. Paul on the other hand was probably well educated but could u imagine working with him !

    If it is also true that we have had the industrial and comsumer boom and that product services are becoming the way to make the cash u need service minded people not memory masters.

    22 May 2005, 12:45

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