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October 21, 2004


Unbelievable!! Last 5 years of fencing I had been fencing a Foil only with 2 lessons in Sabre. 0ut of those 5 years 4 years I was fencing with a ‘laissez-faire attitude’ (In the words of Griff: Thank you) coz it was know for its ‘slackness’ around Bryanston PLUS on top of everything it was an INDOOR sport. Never been a great friend of playing hockey out in the rain or netball! :> Only the very last year at Bryanston I somewhat took it seriously.

Came to Uni of Warwick in late September, somehow with some strange push inside me I decided to join the Fencing club and I did and went along to the trainings. Week 3 I am already in the Ladies Fencing team and guess what I was fencing all 3 weapons! (Epee, Sabre and Foil!) The night before the match was my first time holding an Epee!!! We didn’t do that badly considering there was only 3 of us in the team and all of us have to fence all 3 weapons. Now week 4 I have had my second match already! Though didn’t fence all 3 weapons coz we were running late and due to injuries!!!

On my birthday my mum even bought me the whole entire fencing kit! For the last 5 years I have only been using school kit because I never thought I will take fencing seriously and now I am having a BRILLANT time in fencing finding myself enjoying a lot of it!!! :>

I still don’t feel completely settled in though! I still haven’t found myself much involved in the gritty side of drama (tech theatre- backstage, lighting, sound, etc).

Another another

Another day
Another lecture
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