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October 18, 2004

Not technically retarded

Just to show that I am not technically retarded that I am going to BLOG!!!! :P

I just had a wonderful 19th birthday! (I can use past tense now since it is already 2:49 in the morning!)
This was the first time in 5 years that I had the whole day to celebrate! Last 5 years I have spent my birthdays either in house drama rehearsals or their performances. Forever having 10 mins to cut and eat the cake with my tech crew before finishing or (in the words of Cole Porter) "Another opening of another show!". I loved the theatre and didn't mind at all that I spent my whole birthday in the theatre working on 6 or 7 shows for that week-end! But I didn't realise until yesterday that my friends want to spend time with me and celebrate. I here sincerely apologised to all my dear friends that I hadn't been able to spend time with them in the past few years because I had my soul and body captured in the DARK world of the theatre!
I spent Saturday night/early Sunday morning in a salsa club with my best friends! It was a blessing that I could spend this very very special occasion with them! Without them I live a dull existence. Though there are a few more people I would have loved them to attend but unfortunately they are elsewhere in the world doing something more worth-while! I love all my friends and I love them more for being my friend!!! THANK YOU! You guys stuck with me even though my ignorant stage of my life when I didnít communicate with ANYONE!

By the way- if you were wondering what to get me for next yearís B-day- then read on! I know that you all think that I have got all things that I needed, but what I truly needs is YOUR support and love. Thatís means more to me than anything in the world! Donít you scratch your head on what gift to get me, follow your heart and write me a card with words that touches! And I will be moved! I was moved this B-day that someone made me a cake! A book with a card expressing the friendship! A keyring that shows my favourite brand! A kit for one of my favourite fencing kit! A bottle of champagne with the label of my favourite colour! And so the list goes on!

Thank you all! And more importantly I love you* all! :>

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