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November 08, 2004

Less–so–Manic monday

Monday has always been a busy day full of activities for me or rather lectures and seminars plus labs only with an hour for lunch and an hour for dinner. :>

Well I am surprisingly awake!! I am not complaining but mere surprise. Have a BAD cold and feeling all blocked up inside me... the not thinking very straight mode I am in. And trying to draw a simple CAD drawing in that mode proven much difficulties. Therefore postponing drawing to Another time preferably before Wednesday afternoon when I meet up with the my lab partners and get on with some work! :>

Lab partners are VERY important people in your life. They keep you cheerful doing boring academic time and give you a driving force to do the assigned work if you guys are compatible. I am lucky in terms of my lab partners :>

In my skills seminar I seemed the annoying always arguing type there but I was merely trying to keep myself interested by asking something that I actually wanted to know but not already seem apparent to me.

While I still have that driving force I must get back to my room and do the work for Wednesday before I forget or run out of time!

Pain and aches…

Last Wenesday night we went to Leicester for a match and to finish the match which we weren’t able to finish last week here. WE WON BOTH MATCHES!!! I guess I was on sugar high or I was running completely on ADG. I was scared of myself as my opponents were too. One of the girl when I was fencing foil as I advanced she just walked backwards and tumbled over and “HALT” were shouted!!

I was in a lot of pain and aches… didn’t manage to sleep as well as I should have due to pain!! Early ish night tonight I guess! I have been hobbling around the campus today which was painful but I must!! Spelling is driving me nuts at the moment due to my fatigue and I can’t spell when I am tired!! So I am going to end it here now before I get too annoyed with myself!

The pain just recovered today though my legs still feel like gelly maybe beacuse I have a BAD cold…

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