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November 02, 2004

Manic Monday

Follow-up to First of month from Fiona's blog

I take back what I said before about not having my Spanish class… and in turn give you a truly stupid human account of my morning!

Are you ready for it??!!

The time saving hour change thing happened on Sunday early morning right… I changed my watch but not my phone nor my computer. I depend on my phone’s alarm to wake me up in the morning! Guess what… I woke up an hour early! When I get up in the morning I only look at the minute hand of my watch and not the hour. I went to Spanish thinking it was 10 and no one turned up then went to F211 (For the info of no-engineers this room is a large space full of computers!) and wrote my blog entry. When the minute hand gets close to 12 I move swiftly to A206 thinking I have a lab there! Thank God that there was one other person there waiting with me also. We waited for about 10 minutes thinking ‘Hang on a minute! Why did no one else turn up??” So the two of us went up the stairs and up another flight until we reach the EUO (just in case you are not an engineer and you are reading this out of your boredom EUO=Engineering Undergraduate Office) and asked them if there was a cancellation or a change of venue… He replied neither and said we are both an hour early!

Inside of me was screaming – ‘Spanish CLASS’ as I run out of the department and towards the Humanities building I went. 10 minutes late for the class. THAT WAS MY FIRST TIME BEING LATE FOR A CLASS OR A LECTURE AT WARWICK!!!

So that was my frantic morning of waking an hour early for a class and yet ironically I was still late!! After that things went reasonably smoothly until it got to 8:30p.m when I thought I have a dance lesson but the person didn’t quite get the message in time so I rushed over there for NOUGHT!!

Anyway! It is almost over….

Thank GOD!!!

Count Arrogant in Gosford

The count is named Carlo. Sitting right behind me! Annoying me, though he has a VERY and I mean very attractive laptop... named the PowerBook G4. It is a WORK OF ART now I regretting getting a PC!!!
I have to say I am not very willing to get off this beauty…
Just in case you are wondering who is Carlo is…. just have a look at the blog for this beautiful face!!??? Do you see that exclamation mark on my face?!
Dearest count said (in an indirect quote): I am not arrogant just stating the beauty of myself!
Brief description of this guy who is jealous that I have designated a WHOLE entire galley to Jack and not him! He is an Italian with an American accent who is very anti-American!! Did I mention his PowerBook G4 which I am typing on?? He, on many occasions, wonders round the floor above him rather than the floor he lives on which so happens is where my room is! Dude, this guy reckons he is sooo funny and that no one really gets his jokes… well what can I say his jokes are too deep for us commoners to make any sense of…
In search of something and that something here, something there…. to keep my thoughts intrigued.

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