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November 01, 2004

First of month

Pinch, Punch the first of month.... White Rabbit......

(How childish!!! That is prep school stuff… and I am putting it in an Uni blog!)

As I was saying…. My time is obviously not fully occupied at the moment or else why would I even spend so much of my time up-loading photos and writing so many entries and getting VERY annoyed with it….

My computer is STILL having problem logging onto the Blog and/or Warwick Intranet! Attempted to fix it – it was unsuccessful. Begged someone else to help me – it was unsuccessful! Iím in despair!


I am glad to still have some humour left after having to run around like a headless chicken to get things doneÖ just to humour you guys with a few photo in the blog which you didnít mind me taking! :>

As I have said before and in the lyrics of Roger and Hammerstein in the musical of Oklahoma Ė
ďItís all or nothing with me. It canít be in between. It canít be now and then!Ē

I should be having a Spanish class now but have forgotten that Arts students have READING WEEK! And I am a mere engineer…

The job thing I mentioned beforeóI am going to have a go at it. Maybe I will get it, maybe I wonít either way I hope I am going to be more contented having applied for it. That way I hope that I am running fast than melancholy which is chasing very closely behind me!

Also I would like to take the opportunity here to apologise for a few things:

  1. Taking your picture when you are unaware
  2. My spelling mistakes
  3. Lack of credits in your photos
  4. Assumed silence as your consent for me to put these pictures up (If you have a specific photo you donít want me to put on my blog I WONíT!! And I promise you that!)

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