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May 03, 2011

Term 3, wowser


I have at least one follower from Scotland reading this blog now!

Term 3 has a-started, and it is good to be back. Glad the Masters is out of the way and I can just concentrate on teaching and compiling evidence. Need to get ready for 13th May and my hot date with Gill at 8.30am to discuss those cheeky standards of Q10-21 (I've nailed Q16 so I am happy with that!).

I have been given a lot of A-level commitment this term, and I am really enjoying the responsibility. There are a few characters in my year 12 class, who do the sciences at AS-level, and my views of them are totally conflicting to what I am hearing from other teachers. Whether my approach is a tad more laid back, and I just give as a good as they get in certain circumstances I do not know. But they are getting on great with me and we're all making sound progress towards the June exams. I am hosting a 'pub quiz' on Friday for them as a revision exercise before a mock exam next Tuesday, they seem excited by that.

Over the Easter break, I did 3 sprint finish sessions, one at GCSE and two at AS level. These are sessions for students in old Warwick town to attend should they wish. It was three great days (though my car engine caught fire on the way home from the first one), and I absolutely loved doing it. I have also discovered a cheeky money making exercise through private tutoring. £25 an hour, and I am turning customers away! Really helps top up that low wage we get.

Anyway, hope everyone is well, and due to the new and improved harassment and bullying legislation in place, I have no witty remarks whatsoever to say about anyone.

Oh, year 11 football team at Myton did the school very proud tonight at the Ricoh arena in the Cov Telegraph Cup final. Though they lost 1-0, they were the superior team in every department bar the goals scored stat. And Ed Smith, should you ever read this, I do love you!

Oh, and I have 5 lessons tomorrow, and due to my incessant chanting, I have no voice. Whoops.

Oh, and one of them is being observed. Whoops.

Oh, and Chelsea are marching on towards the title. Wooooooooo!

Oh, in sad news, I predicted exactly zero correct results in my prediction based competition I have with some friends this Sunday night, where we make predictions on the winners of bouts at every WWE pay-per-view event. Just a real ball-buster that one. Was gutted! I'll be back though Yatesy with top marks next time.

Have a top week, Steve x

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