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May 21, 2011

The home stretch…..

Right then. Final countdown has begun.

Final assessment is on June 7th. That is 6 teaching days away. In those 6 teaching days, I'll be observed a couple of times and prep three classes for exams. I also have 4 after school revision classes, and I will be doing two full day revision sessions during the half term holiday.

By the end of next week I need to complete my AP3.

By June 7th, I'll need to tidy up my CEDP.

By June 7th, I also need all of my evidence folders up to date, as well as completing the training profile, a PDP and everything else.

At some point, I need to meet with my subject tutor (definitely before June 29th) to get standard 14 ticked off.

All of our University sessions are now complete. I have nothing but fond memories. Gill is awesome!

So, need to knuckle down, and show some enthusiasm, energy, and organisation.

Here we go!

November 02, 2010

Stay Classy

In the words of one of my heroes, Ron Burgundy, 'By the beard of Zeus'. I am using this phrase, its meaning being one of great surprise, to be applied to the day.

Now lets start with the positives so far today. I took a double A-level lesson first thing today, teaching them the finer things of Mr Young and why he decided to divide two tensile measurements with each other (stress / strain for those who are lost at thos point). It went well. We had a DJ station to keep the morale high during the practical, and I think they appreciated the lengths I went to to explain all the fundamentals which they seem to have been introduced to, but not necessarily understood. In conclusion, they all have found out the Young's Modulus of Copper is BIG! Now as good as this was, it was a shame of the circumstances how it came about I'd be teaching. In that I was 'asked' to do the lesson when it became clear the teacher couldn't make it. I did not feel I could say no. I can say however I did get a lot of resources to help me prepare for it yesterday.

The week so far has certainly seen the super from super-numery disappear. Am on 'covers' a lot the next two days within science, to compensate for sicknotes, illness and school trips. Calling me 'cover', despite some of the lessons being with classes I am timetabled too, apparently means there is no need to provide a second teacher within the room. So guess will see how that goes. Got my weekly subject mentor meeting in 30 minutes, I'll raise my points there. My mentor is amazing so I am happy she'll have my back if needed!

Another positive from today. Tuesday lunchtime badminton club. Absolutely brimming, and I think the kids are enjoying seeing me act the fool and my relaxed side, whereas in the classroom I am of course a disciplinarian and demand total silence... oh wait, that's not true. It is a good laugh, and is giving me a chance to chat to a lot of pupils, boys and girls, yr 7 to yr 11, in a more relaxed way. I'm getting a lot more 'Hi Sir's than usual now, and the badminton club keeps on growing. 30 turned up today. We'll see how many more tomorrow night.

And in my BTec lesson just, I finally got a good hour's work from the class clown. Their middle name is probably 'Disruption'. But yep, sat him in the corner, where I could do quite a bit of one-to-one work but keep an eye on the class. Worked well.

And where I come from, we love a bit of that.

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