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October 24, 2011

Bit of 1st term NQT reflection

Well well well.

Really interesting 4 weeks since the birth of my daughter (who is exceedingly awesome).

My two weeks paternity got cut short due to a cheeky Ofsted visit. My being there would have made it a lot easier for the school in terms of cover and enabling the very helpful SLTs who were covering my GCSE classes in particular, so I volunteered. Good Samaritan me.

It was a funny experience. Lots of stress, the pressure to write lesson plans for every lesson seemed to be unbearable to some. Coming straight out of the GTP year however, it was honestly water of a ducks back. Lesson plan writing was as standard for the majority of lessons, and the threat of being observed isn't too bad given as a GTP I was observed once or twice a week formally and informally every lesson pretty much. Only two science teachers were observed in the end, and me in my caravan were spared any judgement. Still, I now have a real idea what the inspection process is like.

During paternity, I popped into my local subway for a bit of breakfast (on my birthday infact), and caught 4 students I teach truanting. What is great is I reported it, and the parents have really got involved and acted upon it. The students also know they did wrong, and have taken the punishments they received in the right way. Guess it is showing my school has developed good relationships with parents, who trust them, and also have the relevant communication channels in place to sort out these problems.

On returning, I found out I had been teaching 2 of my GCSE classes the wrong module, having been misinformed at the start of the year. A tad infuriating, but we have made really good progress in preparation for their exam resits in November. I have a revision day during half term with them, so hopefully they'll be performing awesomely come Nov 8th and 15th.

For those on the GTP, I admit I had my doubts when I took a job elsewhere to where I trained, I guess familiarity would have been a comfort over the summer months. But I am finding it so good being somewhere else which is a total contrast to my training school. I am still learning each day, and having to adapt things I have done previously to suit the new classes I teach.

Chris Foy. Useless. Again Chelsea were robbed yesterday. Stellar display by the 9 men. QPR disgust me. Always have. I did once see Dennis Wise score a worldy there in 1992. Overhead spectacular.

Have a good half term!

June 16, 2011

Forum night

Well here I am,

It is a Thursday evening, red bull to the right of me, custard creams to the left, and I'm set up with the laptop. Tomorrow is year 11 D-Day for Physics, their final exam in the afternoon. Was in school til just before 6pm tonight with some year 11 stalwarts (mainly from my form, and they mainly chatted about One Tree Hill and Neighbours, but hey ho) and I am on 8am - 1.30pm revision duty with them tomorrow.

But tonight, we have set up a physics forum, where they can post any questions. So far there are 12 up there, and I have had to answer 2 of them. Other students have been able to answer them on behalf of me, which is great to see. Will see how it transpires through the night I guess, but hopefully this will be of use to some.

Played cricket tonight for the Myton staff team vs Warwick school. I cannot see myself teaching in a private school, but the facilities I saw were unbelievable. I appreciated the wickets they produced too, it made my bowling look epic. 3 overs, 1 maiden, 7 runs for 3 wickets. Then the rain came..... and boy did it pour down. We had them on the ropes too, little Myton Comprehensive, had them at 86-6 through 16 overs!! I was pretty confident I have to say we could continue to take wickets and knock off the runs too. But never mind.

Did a tutor freeze this morning, where form groups stay together during period 1. As my form have departed I was assigned to a year 8 form to help. They were doing debates, and included topics such as age limits on facebook, whether boys should have to do up their top bottoms, whether girls should wear trousers.... Was quite interesting, and highly entertaining. The voting was a quite predictable. Boys voting for the boys debating, girls voting for girls, regardless of the opinion, but think the exercise was useful to them. So well done 8Y!

So yeah, that's my day in a nutshell (including a couple of uneventful lessons). Hope yours was good. Well done to Alison, Ruthie and Jess who I have seen have waltzed through final assessment this week. Proud of you all!


June 02, 2011

Nope, I did make a great decision

As a yes man, I have found myself running a couple of holiday revision days. Today was a year 11 triple science group in to do some high end Physics. It was good for me, as i managed to introduce, snooker, golf, cricket and Lego into my demonstrations. I would like to thank, in no particular order; Momentum, Projectiles, Relative Motion and Collisions for being topics conducive to showcasing my hobbies. I particularly enjoyed the video I made re-en acting my wedding. Awesome.

Anyway, had a really great day, and I hope it will help out the students who attended today. Was good to see those who were in my tutor groups. I have missed them lots since last Friday's final day!! Have AS level tomorrow for the day, looking at electronics in particular..... wowser.

In other news, had masters feedback this week. Main issues seem to involve my literature review, and how it could have been extended. Truth be told, I would have loved to followed the ideas that were mentioned, but 5000 words was too short a word limit to achieve everything.

Also played two golf matches this week in my club's knockouts. Won both the games, and you'll find me in the last 16 of the handicapped singles knockout, and today got through to the semi final of the scratch knockout. Played awesome and I am starting to feel like I'm getting back on it, and I am enjoying it.

Only 5 days til my final assessment, and 3 of those I'll be away at my bro's stag do. Tuesday is going to sting!

Stevo x

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