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January 17, 2011

What's mine is yours

One thing I also wanted to do with this blog is also try and help out where I can. Best way to help is sharing resources I guess. If any of these are of use to you, please just get in touch and I'll email them, and you have permission to alter them as you wish!

So, in year 7 land....

Electric circuits, covering:

key word definitions, circuit symbols, fuses and electrical safety, electricity in the body, series and parallel circuits, practical work.

Energy, covering:

Types of energy, energy transformations and fossil fuels, non-renewable and renewable energies, Sun as an energy source

Year 8

'How to revise'

Then  a series of 4 lessons I did 3 times on how to do a scientific practical. Themes were 'how does a hippo keep cool', 'rates of a chemical reaction', and 'reflection and refraction'. For each, identify the variables, the range, equipment required. Created a plan with a method. Then did practical, obtain results, display results, conclusions....

Year 9

BTEC - EM Spectrum, Radiation

GCSE - Insulation, Conduction, Convection, Radiation, Heat loss in Home, Mobile Phones, Microwaves, Analogue 2 Digital, Total Internal Reflection, Wireless Communications, Transverse Waves, Longitudinal Waves, Stable Earth Marketplace (earthquakes, volcanoes, UV light, Climate Change)

Year 10

BTEC - Surface Area, Rates of Reaction, Catalysts, Concentration, Roles of Science Technicians (4 lessons), DNA, Classification of Organisms, Internal and External Effect on health.

GCSE - Energy Transformations, Power Stations, Steam Trains, Radioactivity, Electrolysis, Surface Area affects on rate of reaction, The Big Bang and Universe, Life Cycle of a Star, Space Exploration, Orbits, Threats to Earth (Near Earth Objects, Cosmic rays, Asteroids and Comets, Solar Flares, Magnetic Fields), Series and Parallel Circuits

I also have a fair bit of year 12physics, and lots of year 11 intervention stuff I have done, revising GCSE science modules.

So if any of the above relates to anything you have in the near future, just give me a shout!

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