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July 20, 2011

The Ivyrise and rise of Physics

In the words of the dude in Stingray, anything can happen in the next half hour. I love Thunderbirds and Stingray by the way. Simple, but awesome.

I am currently reflecting in my lab, listening to my best mate's band Ivyrise on youtube, slowly throwing stuff away and making a 'keep sake' pile as I tidy up ready to leave. I have always been sentimental to be honest, but not sure wifey will be happy with how much I am planning on keeping and bringing home....! Especially after last night.

Anyways, I am realising how much I have loved this year, as I say goodbye to a number of people and students who I probably won't see again. A lot of people have contributed a hell of a lot to my enjoyment during my training. And the students are certainly at the top of my list to thank. I will miss a lot of them, and do feel a tad like I am betraying some, especially the year 12s as we have had an awesome 'learning journey' the last few months, to then leave them to finish their A-Levels without being able to contribute anything is a shame. Though they will have a couple of exceptional teachers next year to guide them home.

Went to my new school yesterday afternoon, and got my timetable. I am teaching Physics, and thats it. Which is pretty mint. Bar 1 year 7 class, it is all exam classes, so the pressure will be high, but I am up for it. Interestingly, they are bringing in AQA this year at GCSE, meaning my year 9 class will be doing AQA whereas the year 10s and 11s will be following the Edexcel specification. Need to get my head around that!! Also found out I will be a year 7 form tutor. At least the students won't know the school better than me! Should be awesome though, and if it all works out and I stay for a while, will be great to see them all progress through school and grow up. I found it hard when my year 11s left this year, dunno how I'd cope after 5 years with a form!

Headed back from that school back to Myton, and played in the final staff match of the season vs the 6th form. I had to open the batting along with Mr Grier of history. Why? It was a shootout for the golden duck cup. Despite some excellent innings this year, I have unfortunately got 2 golden ducks. Mr Grier had 1 GD and 2 other ducks. Unfortunately he survived his first ball, despite me trying to run him out, and I left with the presentation evening last night with a 3 feet by 4 feet cricket bat. Its huge, and the rules are it has to stay in my lounge for a year. The cricket team have been a real highlight for me too, and it will keep me associated to Myton for a time to come as I intend to play next year too as and when time allows.

Anyway, need to continue with my work on the schemes of learning.... !!

Ivyrock and Ivyroll

October 22, 2010

What to do with 9 days?

So yeah, went to uni today. Got constant abuse from Alison, was informed of my reputation as a serial blogger by the course leader, and when our guest speaker this afternoon mentioned somebody had left a question about football, the room in unison looked at me. It wasn't me!!

Another sound core session I thought, on differentiation and assessment. The assessment chapter in the book I thought was pretty good indeed. I will indeed plan more stringently, much like Wayne Rooney's agent in his planning of the PR stunt of the century to gain his caveman client an extra 20k a week, to complete more assessment FOR learning. In the solo stuff I have done, I have actually done it, but to be perfectly frank (talking about perfect Frank's, I'm hoping Lamps will be fit and ready soon for Chels) whether I really utilized that data to help my teaching practice I can't say.

Some points of reflection on my first 6 weeks:

1. Love the school I'm at. People are great to me and they really do embrace the GTP training as they should.

2. Form group each morning is probably my favourite part of the day. It is a chance for me to be me and it is great to chat with 60 year 11's, try and help them with any issues, what they might do next year, perhaps some science intervention with them etc. It also makes lunch duty on Thursday on the upper playground a positive experience too.

3. Craig has a 3 word vocab: Emotive, Moving, Humbling

4. For any PGCE's reading this; the first 2 minutes of your first teaching experiences are scary. From then on, it is really rather fun and I found it comes relatively naturally.

5. Sitting in a staff room full of women leads to some interesting conversation topics which literally you can have no input in.....

6. The indoor staff cricket team is pretty strong. It's a bit annoying that as a batsman, I find myself the league's leading wicket taker so far!

7. I do need to find more time really to chill at home on a night and perhaps chat to the wife every now and then. Even more importnatly, I need to find time to play golf more!! Half term will be full of it though.

8. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

9. Year 7's love a comedian.

10. Year 9's can't cope with sarcasm.

11. I think group sizes are very important.

12. A piece of paper with prompts on to have on your desk as you teach is awesome to help with the pace of the lesson, and making sure resources are ready and in place.

13. Organizing a trip is ridiculous. Something needs to be done to make this easier.

14. Observing subjects other than your own is a must.

15. Differentiation has a whole new meaning to what I've been used to for 12 years.

16. Chelsea are cruising to the title this year.

As a final note, I just wanted to mention something on class dynamics and behaviour. I have a year 10 BTec class which I team teach. The behaviour is usually disruptie and it takes both of us in there to keep them on task. One pupil was away yesterday who is often a nuisance (though they are so funny), and my giddy aunt the class were impeccable and worked so well. It was just amazing what a difference one pupil can really make.

Over and out. x

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