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June 26, 2011

Living for the Weekend! Top tune Hard Fi

What a decent few days!

Friday was a quality day. Taught a couple of nice lessons, including a class I hadn't met before. A top set year 9, and it was my first experience of a top set at Myton. Pleasure! Courteous, intelligent, polite, inquisitive. Must be boring to teach that all the time. Year 12s are going nicely with the year 13 stuff I am teaching them (medical imaging), and overall a good day. I was also one of 5 members of staff in the science department (out of more than 20) to work a 5 day working week. Still yet to have a day off for anything other than GTP commitments which I had to have off. Illness yet to strike!

I did leave my phone in the classroom I taught in the final lesson Friday, which was discovered by another teacher. She then rang a few people to let them know I didn't have my phone, including wifey. Wifey was a little perturbed a woman was speaking on my phone to her! :-)

Year 11 prom was class, and it was a really good night all round despite the weather. And string in the beef! Will possibly be the last time I see a lot of my form ever again, which is a little sad, and I guess it is something I will have to get used to as students come and go. but 11M and 11Y will always be my first form groups, and I only have fond memories!

And from the prom and getting in at 2am, to a majestic performance on the golf course yesterday at Brocton Hall. Must win match for North Warwickshire GC in the West Mids scratch league, and we pulled it off 4.5-3.5, and I am not going to lie, I played pretty mint. And I love that!

Learnin walks from Leadership Team start in science this week, any lesson, any time, so busy writing lesson plans to make myself look organised! 2 of my three lessons tomorrow are controlled assessments (in a way), so not a lot I can do really.

4 weeks left, and that'll be year 1 done.

June 24, 2011

Strike onnnnnnnnnnneeee!

Been a while,

The days are passing me by somewhat, the lessons I teach are constantly interupted by trips, sports day, exams etc. Never really sure until the lesson what I will be faced with in terms of numbers.

I am kind of wishing I was a PGCE right now. The ones at our school left on Wednesday, and are off to start at their new schools in some cases, and I would like to be doing that too now to be honest. Guess that would give these last 4 weeks much more purpose and direction, whereas currently, it seems the school, department and students are just ambling through, going through the motions.

But yep, am currently up trying to plan an adventurous lesson for my nutter year 10s tomorrow. I do love them, but I need to entertain to keep them on task. Lesson is including a scooter and snooker balls so far, and the aim is to get everyone running up stairs and then calculating the work done and power in each individual case.

Year 11 prom tomorrow, I am ridiculously excited for whatever reason! Reacquaint with my awesome tutees, might even buy them a drink (if drink prices are not extortionate...). White tux at the dry cleaners, will pick that up after school tomorrow in preparation for being the event's 'bouncer'. Cannot wait to turn away some drunk year 11s :-)

Not really sure what to make of this strike nonsense. I cannot say I am one for striking, there are much more effective ways to cause havoc! The idea of industrial action when some teachers cannot because of the Union they are in makes no sense to me. I think it should have been done at a time when all Unions agreed to strike together (or not as the case may have been). I am also a realist, and recognise that at 28, this decision isn't going to affect me massively, it will be the 4 or 5 subsequent proposed changes over the coming decades that will severely influence my pension. The country is silly debt, and realistically I'd rather we got rid of that, and then got ourselves in order with fairer pension schemes and such. I honestly got into teaching to hopefully inspire a generation of physicists, and me not being in school will not help that cause either. So yep, that is my ill-informed opinion on that one!

Hope all final assessments have gone well for all of us, and the exam board are in a good mood next week!


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