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June 16, 2011

Forum night

Well here I am,

It is a Thursday evening, red bull to the right of me, custard creams to the left, and I'm set up with the laptop. Tomorrow is year 11 D-Day for Physics, their final exam in the afternoon. Was in school til just before 6pm tonight with some year 11 stalwarts (mainly from my form, and they mainly chatted about One Tree Hill and Neighbours, but hey ho) and I am on 8am - 1.30pm revision duty with them tomorrow.

But tonight, we have set up a physics forum, where they can post any questions. So far there are 12 up there, and I have had to answer 2 of them. Other students have been able to answer them on behalf of me, which is great to see. Will see how it transpires through the night I guess, but hopefully this will be of use to some.

Played cricket tonight for the Myton staff team vs Warwick school. I cannot see myself teaching in a private school, but the facilities I saw were unbelievable. I appreciated the wickets they produced too, it made my bowling look epic. 3 overs, 1 maiden, 7 runs for 3 wickets. Then the rain came..... and boy did it pour down. We had them on the ropes too, little Myton Comprehensive, had them at 86-6 through 16 overs!! I was pretty confident I have to say we could continue to take wickets and knock off the runs too. But never mind.

Did a tutor freeze this morning, where form groups stay together during period 1. As my form have departed I was assigned to a year 8 form to help. They were doing debates, and included topics such as age limits on facebook, whether boys should have to do up their top bottoms, whether girls should wear trousers.... Was quite interesting, and highly entertaining. The voting was a quite predictable. Boys voting for the boys debating, girls voting for girls, regardless of the opinion, but think the exercise was useful to them. So well done 8Y!

So yeah, that's my day in a nutshell (including a couple of uneventful lessons). Hope yours was good. Well done to Alison, Ruthie and Jess who I have seen have waltzed through final assessment this week. Proud of you all!


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