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December 08, 2011

IAA really monotonous 2 weeks.

Internal Assessment Activities are the bain of my life. Now there is many a positive of having a subject specialism which is in short supply and high demand. Coursework is not one of them.

Having been earmarked to run all Physics internal courseworks at my school for years 10 and 11 who are doing GCSE, there was a murmuring from some senior people that that was unfair. So instead of doing it continuously with all 6 GCSE groups, it is now down to 5.

There has been an IAA rota in place for 2 weeks now, and I feel like that is all I have done. One thing I can say, I am getting much better and efficient at delivering the lessons, doing the practical, making the mock exam time beneficial so they are well prepared for the real exam they take at the end of the 4 hours I have with them. But it has been hard work. It has been pretty rough in that I am consistently setting cover work each day, and I won't have seen my year 12s for 3 and a half weeks...

And then there'll be about 135 exams to mark over Christmas. Which means I have to mark 7.1 papers a day to have them done for next term.

I best be on Santa's nice list!

In other news, had my second observation last week. Got a 'Good' with lots of outstanding on there, though progress was only 'good' so that was the best I could do. What I discovered on my GTP last year was one persons opinion did not necessarily replicate in the next observer. This is still true now. Acting on feedback from my first observation, it seems I went 'too far' with the challenge aspect of the lesson. Anyway, I was happy with it which I guess is the important thing.

I have also decided over the last couple of weeks I will start an MA in Educational Innovation, and make sure those 30 CATS completed last year during the GTP doesn't go to waste. The workload for the NQT year I am finding absolutely fine so far. This is solely down to the GTP last year and the endless lesson plans that I wrote.

I am lucky that my school are willing to pay for the fees, so I really should take advantage of their generosity, and I thank them here in this most public of forums for it!! Course does look good from the limited information available, and I love the idea of giving it a science specialism. Hopefully it would have a massive impact on my teaching practise, and my aspiration to one day reach the dizzy heights of an AST.

Enjoy the end of term, my year 7 form Christmas party is going to be awesome!

Steve x

June 14, 2011

Time is running out

So then.

From September 1st until June 14th. Have had 24 observations, 5 of which from University tutors, and the final one took place today.

It went really well, was a year 12 lesson on ultrasound in medicine. With a PhD in ultrasound, it is something I can talk about for a long, long, long, long time. I guess my enthusiasm for this branch of Physics was evident in the lesson!

Had a very productive chat after the lesson with my subject tutor, who congratulated me. He was perhaps the most intimidating character of all those who assessed me, but he has been extremely thorough in his analysis of my lessons and feedback has always been constructive. So thanks for that.

So this is kinda the end of my GTP course in a way. I have completed everything for the University side now, and await confirmation of me obtaining QTS on June 29th, and also what mark they suggest I am awarded.

Still have 5 and a half weeks of teaching, and at some point soon, I will comment on events of last Friday (year 11 leavers assembly). I have very strong views on the matter, just waiting til my mind can articulate the feelings in a constructive way (otherwise I may eventually end up in trouble).

Hope everyone is ok, and it is good to see many people on facebook making reference to passing final assessments! Keep it going.

Steve x

January 24, 2011

Dyson's suck

In the weekend that saw me buy a Dyson, something else has been confirmed in my head.

Now for a couple of weeks I have been much more efficient at writing lesson plans and making resources / powerpointsetc. Well later on today I've got an observation from the deputy head here at my complimentary placement. This 'O' word must scare the life out of me in transpires. I was wide awake into the early hours procrastinating and facebook stalking like you wouldn't believe. I am relatively happy with the lesson I am doing, which will feature some of my Masters Action research on peer assessment too.

Guess all I am trying to say is I am not very comfortable with these formal observations still!

Advantages though is that the year 7 class I am teaching I have taught period 1 today too. Lesson went well and we had quite a laugh. Hopefully that will keep them in good spirits to behave!

Massive game for Chelsea tonight vs Bolton. Need three points desperately. I played golf yesterday in a daily mail match and had the misfortune of playing Warwickshire's boys and youths champion. Our match ended all square, but the team scores were 2.5-2.5, and I had to play the playoff. Halved the first in pars, but my tee shot on the 2nd playoff hole was woeful. So yeah teaching is no good for my bottle and golf generally. Hate that. Roll on half term for some serious golf practice.

Have a good week all on complimentary or your new placements if you are PGCE'ing.


November 10, 2010

So I filmed myself baking a potato…..

Had my first formal observation today from someone from the Warwick brigade. They were rather complementary. My lesson had a bit of everything I guess; mini-whiteboards, cooking , using my mobile phone to ring the class teacher, videos of me baking a potato in an oven, balloon animals, a DVD rack, pineapples, bread, a trip in a lift, metal and plastic sheets, and even a bit of work for the kids too. And I didn't get time to play with the chocolate and marshmallows......

I was having a chat with a friend the other day who teaches, and tried to persuade me that I should stick to my guns and teach how I want to, develop my own styles, and try not to be moulded into a typical teacher expected at a given school. So far I am just trying to get my ideas across in my own way, which mainly involves a little light comedy, me showing myself up, and, almost on the sly, getting the lesson content across. I think teaching is a lot more fun if you adopt a persona you are comfortable with. I am pretty relaxed

Positives from today were based on my lesson structure and variety of activities, my demonstrations and explanations of the microwave kit I was using, and the general feeling the class left having met the objectives I set. I was given a couple of hours to reflect on the lesson before getting my debrief (spent teaching a year 8 class then running badminton club at lunchtime...) which was good. Though it is amazing how little I seemed to remember! I was told it would have ranked as a 2 with bits of 1 as a lesson, though in all honesty I reckon that's a tad generous. It became abundantly clear there are still a million things I can do to make the lessons better during my debrief.

My agreed action points to work on are: Target questions at individuals. And work on class discipline at the very start of my lesson. Oh, and have some further work available if some complete tasks very quickly.

All in all, I'm pretty pleased with how it went.

Unlike Sunday's football. Jane Freshwater, if you see me on Friday and you have a smug look on your face........ :-(

Well, I'd also quickly like to reflect on how much work I now seem to have!!!! This is becoming a 7am-midnight job. 12am-6am = sleep. 6am-6.20am is wake up shower and change, 6.20am = breakfast, 6.30am = sky sports news (1 loop), 7am = teeth, hair, pack car and drive off..... (repeat)

See y'all on Friday. It has been so long!

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