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January 03, 2011

2011 – two terms to go.

The complimentary placement is dawning tomorrow. The draw of Ashes cricket on TV tonight. Do I attend fresh as a daisy tomorrow, or watch the mighty England give the Aussies a whooping? Besides that tough decision, I have another conundrum. Do I go to the school along the A45, A452 or take the more direct route of the M6, knowing full well that it will destroy me with barbaric amounts of traffic. I am not looking forward to getting up at 6am again. Have gotten over that little routine! Though my new school is closer, the day starts 30 minutes earlier so I have to get up at the same time anyway. This is a tad gutting.

I managed to play my first round of golf today of 2011. Garbage it was. Hands were cold, I struck the ball like a drunk monkey. Needless to say I can't get any worse.

This afternoon has been tidying up the start of my masters; title is settled (Mr Caswell approval pending), intro and summary sorted, and I have two research methods ready to go. Which one I take depends on Mr Caswell's approval again, and also the timetable I get at my complimentary placement.

New printer and laminator have found their place within the spare bedroom / study / art gallery / cuddly toy room after a good sort out yesterday. Turns out me and the wife are hoarders. So much stuff from the last 10 years has gathered into our box room, of little sentimental or monetary value, yet we keep it anyway! Still its gone, along with our Christmas tree, who had little regard fro maintaining its needles this year. Perhaps it was the council's water it took offence too, but that thing displayed as much enthusiasm for life and Christmas as the Grinch.

Along with the GTP, I will also be steepping up my prpeartion in organising the Students Matchplay Golf Tournament ( I, along with a couple of colleagues in Germany, organise this international golf event for universities to enter teams of 4. In April will be the UK qualifiers which is my main concern for now. How the devil I am going to do this with the spare time I have is going to be a tough nut to crack. But hey ho, we'll do it somehow no doubt!

Not sure what else to reflect on currently, other than I need to get my mind in gear ready for the hard work of term number 2.

Good luck everyone on your complimentary placement x

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