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June 07, 2011

Red Bull gives you…. Qualified Teacher Status* (*exam board confirmation pending)

Well, just in case any of you GTPs read this blog still, here is what happened during my final assessment day.....

Well Red Bull for breakfast provided the ideal nutritional values required to survive a relatively epic day. Visited Bedfordshire at 4am having had one heck of a night, including a cheeky 3am visit to Tesco (huzzah to 24 hour supermarkets) for a printer cartridge (boo to shoddy HP printers letting you down in times of need), and up at 6am as I always am for school. I had a list of 3 things I needed to print off from school and stick in my folders, dropped them off, and onwards to head teacher briefing...

I then had 48 minutes to plan two cover lessons for periods 2 and 3 whilst I was supposedly busy being assessed. This was a fun exercise. Or not. Still, good experience to set cover work, and on reflection of the work completed by both classes and the comments made by the cover supervisors, they were obviously suitable.

Having met with both my school based mentors, my professional link met with me at 10.10am, scheduled to go on til 11.30am. The meeting / assessment was relatively surreal. We went straight into Q27 (feedback) and Q28 (reflection of students), looked at a witness statement from a TA from a complimentary school, and the assessment diverted to a course of me really plotting my career as a teacher. It is my duty from this point forth to improve myself as a teacher, but also to improve others as teachers, so my good practise will influence all students in a school, not just the ones I see.

It really was not a stressful experience, and although I could not be told whether I had passed or failed, my mentor at school said tonight in my mentor meeting she'll eat her boots if I haven't passed. They do look tasty though.

Period 3 was sidelined for lesson planning for periods 4 and 5 (had not even thought about those flaming lessons) but I got dragged into an impromptu year 11 revision session for triples doing Biology and the doubles doing their final exam. OCR Biology module 6 is bloody difficult! Required a serious amount of blag, and a crafty amount of 'you tell me'. But as always, lovely to see the mighty 11M and 11Y tutees in school.

Two afternoon lessons actually went really well, based on 4 minutes prep. There is something to be said for interactive whiteboards and interactive teaching resources! Though I was disappointed not to have spent more time getting ready for the lesson, I guess you have to choose what is more important at any given stage, and year 11 revision and final assessment were up quite high up on importance mountain. Still, my year 10 BTECs get to dissect some schizzle on Thursday!

Planned my three lessons for tomorrow, year 12s still on study leave so my days are still quite quiet. Year team meeting after school, then a staff cricket match. Might even grab some food. Also need to work on a script and an idea for making a good bye video for year 11 leavers assembly on Friday. Currently re-writing the lyrics to a Dizzie Rascal favourite:

'sitting here on my own, 11M have gone, revising at home,

Sitting here Slem and me, both clinically depressed, crying into our tea'.... and so on.

Good luck with final assessments GTP-ites (if anyone has the official name for the plural of a GTP, that'd be wicked)

Stevo x

Wouldn't you Adam and Eve it?

So, have my final assessment in 6 hours 49 minutes. It is 1.41am as I start this blog....

So, had a nice little evening planned, printing off some final things, making a rather awesome tracker for Hay to get blown away.... but ended up in hospital for 6 hours instead!

Anyway, whilst printing off said stuff, thought I'd reflect on my bad luck....

Good luck to all who are being assessed in the near future,


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