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July 20, 2011

The Ivyrise and rise of Physics

In the words of the dude in Stingray, anything can happen in the next half hour. I love Thunderbirds and Stingray by the way. Simple, but awesome.

I am currently reflecting in my lab, listening to my best mate's band Ivyrise on youtube, slowly throwing stuff away and making a 'keep sake' pile as I tidy up ready to leave. I have always been sentimental to be honest, but not sure wifey will be happy with how much I am planning on keeping and bringing home....! Especially after last night.

Anyways, I am realising how much I have loved this year, as I say goodbye to a number of people and students who I probably won't see again. A lot of people have contributed a hell of a lot to my enjoyment during my training. And the students are certainly at the top of my list to thank. I will miss a lot of them, and do feel a tad like I am betraying some, especially the year 12s as we have had an awesome 'learning journey' the last few months, to then leave them to finish their A-Levels without being able to contribute anything is a shame. Though they will have a couple of exceptional teachers next year to guide them home.

Went to my new school yesterday afternoon, and got my timetable. I am teaching Physics, and thats it. Which is pretty mint. Bar 1 year 7 class, it is all exam classes, so the pressure will be high, but I am up for it. Interestingly, they are bringing in AQA this year at GCSE, meaning my year 9 class will be doing AQA whereas the year 10s and 11s will be following the Edexcel specification. Need to get my head around that!! Also found out I will be a year 7 form tutor. At least the students won't know the school better than me! Should be awesome though, and if it all works out and I stay for a while, will be great to see them all progress through school and grow up. I found it hard when my year 11s left this year, dunno how I'd cope after 5 years with a form!

Headed back from that school back to Myton, and played in the final staff match of the season vs the 6th form. I had to open the batting along with Mr Grier of history. Why? It was a shootout for the golden duck cup. Despite some excellent innings this year, I have unfortunately got 2 golden ducks. Mr Grier had 1 GD and 2 other ducks. Unfortunately he survived his first ball, despite me trying to run him out, and I left with the presentation evening last night with a 3 feet by 4 feet cricket bat. Its huge, and the rules are it has to stay in my lounge for a year. The cricket team have been a real highlight for me too, and it will keep me associated to Myton for a time to come as I intend to play next year too as and when time allows.

Anyway, need to continue with my work on the schemes of learning.... !!

Ivyrock and Ivyroll

June 16, 2011

Forum night

Well here I am,

It is a Thursday evening, red bull to the right of me, custard creams to the left, and I'm set up with the laptop. Tomorrow is year 11 D-Day for Physics, their final exam in the afternoon. Was in school til just before 6pm tonight with some year 11 stalwarts (mainly from my form, and they mainly chatted about One Tree Hill and Neighbours, but hey ho) and I am on 8am - 1.30pm revision duty with them tomorrow.

But tonight, we have set up a physics forum, where they can post any questions. So far there are 12 up there, and I have had to answer 2 of them. Other students have been able to answer them on behalf of me, which is great to see. Will see how it transpires through the night I guess, but hopefully this will be of use to some.

Played cricket tonight for the Myton staff team vs Warwick school. I cannot see myself teaching in a private school, but the facilities I saw were unbelievable. I appreciated the wickets they produced too, it made my bowling look epic. 3 overs, 1 maiden, 7 runs for 3 wickets. Then the rain came..... and boy did it pour down. We had them on the ropes too, little Myton Comprehensive, had them at 86-6 through 16 overs!! I was pretty confident I have to say we could continue to take wickets and knock off the runs too. But never mind.

Did a tutor freeze this morning, where form groups stay together during period 1. As my form have departed I was assigned to a year 8 form to help. They were doing debates, and included topics such as age limits on facebook, whether boys should have to do up their top bottoms, whether girls should wear trousers.... Was quite interesting, and highly entertaining. The voting was a quite predictable. Boys voting for the boys debating, girls voting for girls, regardless of the opinion, but think the exercise was useful to them. So well done 8Y!

So yeah, that's my day in a nutshell (including a couple of uneventful lessons). Hope yours was good. Well done to Alison, Ruthie and Jess who I have seen have waltzed through final assessment this week. Proud of you all!


May 14, 2011

The Ups and Downs of the GTP week….

Well, bit of a weird week.

Chelsea failed to turn up at Old Trafford, which put me in a shocking mood at school! I hate all these Man U supporting students! I can't wait for the inner city Birmingham setting next year, full of Blue Noses and Villains.

The week has been very interesting at school within the department, and I really cannot say why in such a public domain. Anyway, my timetable has been changed and I am doing a shed load of year 12 and 13 Physics now (though there is only 2 weeks of year 13 teaching left), and I really love it. Working with moderately intelligent students and better, a fair bit of commitment, and teaching some proper Physics. Big fan. With exam season now in swing, a lot of my classes are into revision mode. Designing lessons to enhance and optimise revision is quite interesting; I am going towards the 'market place' idea, with lots of mini-activities, keeping the students active and engaged. Working ok. With my love for the year 11s as a form tutor in the year group, I have been a big supporter of the science departments revision sessions after school for them. Think I am down for 7 over the coming weeks, with a couple of days at half term in school too. Thing is, I really want to do it. I adore my two form groups and if I can help them and their friends in anyway I am willing to try!

Last week saw me make my debut for the staff cricket team outdoors. After a very promising indoor season (league winners, with me wielding the bat with great success) I was installed at number 3 in the order - Golden Duck! Whoops. I did bowl at the death in a losing situation, and all in all a bad experience. This week's game came along on Tuesday vs Warwickshire County Council Education Dept, the tension in the air was electric with the news Myton was moving to Academy status in the previous days really adding extra needle. I was demoted to number 7 in the order, making a quick fire 1 before being given out lbw for a ball which nearly hit my box. Joke decision! Anyway, our total of 102 was passable as a target.

I was chucked the ball with 7overs left, and the opposition needing 32 to win with 8 wickets left. I bowled through, including the final over, taking 3-16 off my 4 overs and running out a batsman off the final ball who needed a four to win. instead he played a straight (and very firm) drive into my right ankle. The rest they say is history. So a win outdoors, and the next day I felt like I really belonged within the school. As a scientist, we very much stay in Science and rarely interact with other teachers. However, I got two high fives off assistant heads on Wednesday! Boom.

Thursday I went to KESH in Birmingham, the school I have a job at next year, for an AS INSET training day which i arranged to attend. It was awesome actually, and have some quality ideas and resources. I wish I had thought of this stuff earlier in the year, but I will now be ready for next year!

I had standards Q10-21 assessed by Gill on Friday at 8.30am (Alison, you owe me!) and it was a really positive meeting. I do miss our Uni sessions on a Friday actually, and am looking forward now to Thursday for the call back day. The meeting was good, and we seemed to discuss Q10 for most of it, and babies..... Staff football on Friday night, and I scored the winning goal. For the opposition I should add, unavoidable own goal.

Golf today was truly abysmal, and I am considering just chucking my clubs away. It is embarrassing how bad I have got at golf, and it is making me sad!

Hate United. Impressed by Blackpool

Just want to say congrats to my friend Lucy for winning the English Amateur golf title today. Quality!

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