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December 08, 2011

IAA really monotonous 2 weeks.

Internal Assessment Activities are the bain of my life. Now there is many a positive of having a subject specialism which is in short supply and high demand. Coursework is not one of them.

Having been earmarked to run all Physics internal courseworks at my school for years 10 and 11 who are doing GCSE, there was a murmuring from some senior people that that was unfair. So instead of doing it continuously with all 6 GCSE groups, it is now down to 5.

There has been an IAA rota in place for 2 weeks now, and I feel like that is all I have done. One thing I can say, I am getting much better and efficient at delivering the lessons, doing the practical, making the mock exam time beneficial so they are well prepared for the real exam they take at the end of the 4 hours I have with them. But it has been hard work. It has been pretty rough in that I am consistently setting cover work each day, and I won't have seen my year 12s for 3 and a half weeks...

And then there'll be about 135 exams to mark over Christmas. Which means I have to mark 7.1 papers a day to have them done for next term.

I best be on Santa's nice list!

In other news, had my second observation last week. Got a 'Good' with lots of outstanding on there, though progress was only 'good' so that was the best I could do. What I discovered on my GTP last year was one persons opinion did not necessarily replicate in the next observer. This is still true now. Acting on feedback from my first observation, it seems I went 'too far' with the challenge aspect of the lesson. Anyway, I was happy with it which I guess is the important thing.

I have also decided over the last couple of weeks I will start an MA in Educational Innovation, and make sure those 30 CATS completed last year during the GTP doesn't go to waste. The workload for the NQT year I am finding absolutely fine so far. This is solely down to the GTP last year and the endless lesson plans that I wrote.

I am lucky that my school are willing to pay for the fees, so I really should take advantage of their generosity, and I thank them here in this most public of forums for it!! Course does look good from the limited information available, and I love the idea of giving it a science specialism. Hopefully it would have a massive impact on my teaching practise, and my aspiration to one day reach the dizzy heights of an AST.

Enjoy the end of term, my year 7 form Christmas party is going to be awesome!

Steve x

July 04, 2011

Week in the life of a GTP who has no university commitments….


Been a rather jolly week, full of firsts I guess and a number of good experiences. Since last Monday, I have continued to teach my year 7s, 9s, 10s and 12s. I am currently conducting a little experiment with the year 12s. I have to cover by the end of the term a couple of chapters of their A2 Physics, Ultrasound and Medical Imaging, which I guess come under my 'expertise' umbrella, in particular ultrasound which my PhD was based upon. I have both groups currently, and have decided to teach each topic in different ways to see how they compare and contrast. The medical imaging is what we are currently doing, and I have split the chapter into 4: radio isotopes and pharmaceuticals, gamma cameras, positron emission tomography and MRI. One class I split into 4's and gave them questions on two of the tasks to researchand answer, with the aim to eventually go on and teach those topics to another group who hadn't covered those tasks, who would return the favour by teaching them their topics. The other group I have given one task to, and asked them to produce a powerpoint presentation ready for this week. Will keep you updated which one produces the better peer work and results....

We have senior leadership team learning walks last week and this, and I have been hit twice now by the head teacher in lessons. Still waiting to receive feedback, but the classes were impeccably behaved, even if their uniform wasn't.

My year 9s are currently doing a mock coursework in preparation for their GCSE coursework next year, which has now been set by OCR. The controlled assessments are pretty good actually, and in all honesty, though more difficult than the old coursework, is more a test of science ability and understanding the general process. I like it, and although they have struggled a bit with the writing up of their experiments (apparently, they did this with their other teacher), their plans and experimental work were awesome. I will miss that class immensely next year.

I also had my first antenatal class last week. Ask me a question on the three stages of labour, dare you! Bet I know the answer.

Thursday was the first industrial action I have ever been involved with. I went to school and had an extraordinarily productive day. I created a dummy dataset and plan for said year 9 coursework, and wrote another couple of lesson plans for the new SoL which I won't teach next year! It is still a shame that kids miss out on school because of a pension issue, and I think I would struggle to strike ever unless my job was in danger. More important things in life to worry about than the odd few £'s here or there, or working an extra year or so. I'm just glad to be alive you know!

Thursday did end on a massive high, with the Myton Summer Music Concert. 100+ pupils were involved, and they were outstanding. It is annoying to know I taught a load of them and had no idea how much musical talent they had across a whole range of instruments and genres. But it was a night to be proud of being associated with Myton.

Friday was the year 11 going into 12 induction day, and a chance to promote A-Levels etc. I was left in charge of Physics as I am the only one readily available in school currently. I did two sessions, and played my liquid nitrogen trump card and think I provided a very insightful and entertaining 30 minutes for those who came to each session. Had 16 to the first one, and 30 to the second, so every chance of 3 AS Physics groups next year, which will be epic. Lots of my form their too, and it does add to my regret that I will not be there to teach them next year.

And I write this having returned from Alton Towers. An annual trip for year 11 normally done earlier on in the year prior to exams as a last social activity but taken out of the calender to be brought back in late through public demand.... 12 from each of my form groups went on the trip, and had an awesome day despite the queueing, and yet again the good byes became emotional for some.

This is the review of my week. I hope it was insightful!

See you GTPites at the varsity on Friday for our goodbye drinks.

Steve-o x

April 16, 2011

Teacher traing days are just amazing….

So end of my 2nd term, culminating in a teacher training day, which was mainly spent moderating coursework for GCSE, BTEC and A-Level. A very necessary, though mind numbing process.

However, the first thing on in the morning was all-staff training on our new harassment and bullying legislation and protocols.

In effect this means the following....

I can never speak to anyone again. Including writing this blog. No more may I tell a joke, no more may I have a laugh (if I smile, it might offend someone who is not happy you see).

So this is the end of my blog.

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