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April 16, 2011

Teacher traing days are just amazing….

So end of my 2nd term, culminating in a teacher training day, which was mainly spent moderating coursework for GCSE, BTEC and A-Level. A very necessary, though mind numbing process.

However, the first thing on in the morning was all-staff training on our new harassment and bullying legislation and protocols.

In effect this means the following....

I can never speak to anyone again. Including writing this blog. No more may I tell a joke, no more may I have a laugh (if I smile, it might offend someone who is not happy you see).

So this is the end of my blog.

April 10, 2011

As one Masters ends, the more important Masters begins

Time to reflect.....

Pretty productive week I guess, and now there is light shining at the end of that proverbial tunnel.

Masters has been submitted, Q1-9 assessment all gravy, rather encouraging AP2, and Professional mentor at school and from Uni observed me this week and both were complimentary.

Quality week! Though I did have a bit of a stinking Tuesday. Kids were a nutty, giving a few detentions out, my lessons weren't great, just generally a bit poor all round from me and the students.

Wednesday - Curriculum Freeze Day. I was brought in as a tactical substitute to entertain year 7's on Global Citizenship. So for 1 day only I became a PSHE/RE teacher, teaching the same lesson 5 times in one day to 5 sets of crazy kids. The weather was glorious, and we were in a hut. SOOOOO HOT! I enjoyed it, and as I based it upon the Olympic games, basically I was chatting about sport all day. Feedback from the students to myself and also the senior person in charge for my lesson has been really good.

On Thursday, I used raffle tickets in a lesson for the first time. I had my usually lovely year 9's who on Tuesday were a bit pants. Well some of them were a bit pants, most were great as per usual.

Anyway, I made the lesson very much student led, lots of research tasks on renewable energies set up etc, and as and when somebody answered a question, asked a good question, demonstrated hard work or I overheard them talking about their work in a positive way, I handed out a raffle ticket. After 30 minutes, the students enquired what they were for.... I mentioned 3 Easter eggs are up for grabs and I've never seen such a committed bunch of students all year! The draw is tomorrow in period 1, Creme Egg, Caramel and Smarties egg up for grabs. Hopefully it won't lead to a mass brawl!

Have a good week one and all, I'm about to spend the next 6 hours watching golf. I played golf yesterday by the way, 1 under par 70, the swing is back!! I love golf, I love the Sunshine, I love teaching :-)

April 02, 2011



What a shocking Saturday. Wifey is away, visiting mother-in-law, so I'm home alone putting the finishing touches (ie the last 4000 words) of my Masters assignment together. Played golf this morning, worst score I've shot in 10 years. West Ham capitulated, Chelsea dropped points, I was yearning for a Sri Lankan win in the CWC final after they knocked England out: generally a bad day.

Reflections on the week. Got my Q1-9 assessed and it went pretty well. A good experience for me generally, and I appreciated the positive feedback. Had an awesome lesson obs this week too, despite being a period 5 on a Wednesday with a middle-to-low ability set. Naughty behaviour was dealt with well apparently, so thank you very much Q3b and Q31!

In other news, the new form group thing is weird. I have been assigned to a high ability girls and a high ability boys set, and they just work off their own back, as they would anyway I reckon in their normal forms. I have only heard negative comments from my usual tutees.

I did however have a quality Friday. Morning = year 11 photo, and tutors / associate form tutors were part of it. I did feel a sense of pride and belonging being in the photo, and there was plenty of banter pre-shoot! Us GTP Scientists then had a Chemistry session with Dr Begbie, and I really enjoyed it and found out a few new things, but also discovered that my Chemistry isn't as bad as I feared. In the evening I attended the Head Masters Quiz evening, being brought into a the Six Sick Squids team, who had the notorious reputation of having won it the previous 5 years.... This team from the Science department again proved a formidable bunch, but they required some 'sport' knolwedge and hence my invite. Unfortunately there were no sports rounds, but I feel my contribution was pretty significant overall (most notably in African geography). Out of 22 teams, we finished 2nd, losing to a dirty Maths department team by 2 points. The joker proved to be our downfall, dropping a vital question on the 'Acronyms' round. Damn you SMS!

Anyway, best work a bit more. Bloody Masters!

Steve-o x

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