September 29, 2011

TIP NUMBER 4 – Make friends with your fellow subject GTPs!

The main difference between the GTP and PGCE is the amount of contact you have with the University and also your fellow trainees. I knew a couple of the PGCE scientists before our courses started last year, and they really built a close knit community. Subject sessions highlighted that when we joined them. Very cliquey!:-)

One thing having that community does is having a lot of people in a similar boat you can bounce ideas off, share resources, and talk about worries. Though it is more difficult as a GTP, it is still doable. Think 9 of us started on the science GTP last year, and only 5 finished. But the 5 of us who did all got on great and we spoke pretty regularly, and shared loads of stuff. We all had different specialisms, so they became a great source of information.

In other news, I became a Dad on Monday. Sophia Rose was 7lb 7oz, and is stunning. Guess it'll add perspective to that bottom set year 10 lesson I teach, but to be honest, I love all the kids I am teaching in my new school. It is first rate. Setting 2 weeks of cover is relatively difficult though! Doing it day by day so far, popping in on route to hospital to make sure all the equipment is available.

Chelsea were robbed tonight.

Steve x

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  1. Hi Dr Steve – I’m a new science GTP and I’d just like to let you know that this year, the science GTP’s have been in with the science PGCE’s in subject sessions pretty much from the get-go and they’re a great bunch. In fact I went to the Dirty Duck after sessions this afternoon with 4 PGCE science bods – I was the only GTP there. So thankfully I hope we’ll establish a pretty good network with a bigger group of scientists – but the GTP science gang are also pretty close already too :)

    Thanks for your blog – it’s really good to have your input!
    Emily :)

    29 Sep 2011, 20:33

  2. Steve Essex

    Hi Emily

    Glad you are getting on with those PGCE’s. Pesky bunch :-)

    Any questions, give me a shout. What school are you at?

    14 Oct 2011, 19:34

  3. I’m at Hartshill (Nuneaton) :-)

    14 Oct 2011, 21:04

  4. Steve Essex


    Hartshill is where I went to school! It is a lot better these days than it was. I went for a few days experience before I started my GTP. Only teachers remained from 1999 when I left.

    Hope you are enjoying it!

    24 Oct 2011, 14:30

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