January 12, 2011

Parental Advice

Well the puppet donkey was a hit. My mastery of puppeteering was a sight to behold.

Just wanted to quickly reflect on a first for me today. A parent's evening.

After teaching 4 lessons (3 I was happy with, 1 was a bit shoddy) today at my complimentary school, I headed back to Myton to help out on year 9 parent's evening. I am particularly fond of this class, who are the group of students I taught first, and have taught the most so far. Having that much time with them has meant I know their personalities, their strengths and weaknesses. Overall a lovely class with some cracking personalities.

What was great though was to meet the parents. They were all very receptive to what I had to say, and I did alongside the student's other science teacher. It was interesting as what I noticed in a student would be the polar opposite for the other. Seating plans it turns out play an important part. One disengaged student in my colleagues class works amazingly in mine, and it turns due to the people the child sat next too in each class. In my class they have developed a fantastic working relationship where they support each other and do amazing group work. The love of Physics was good to hear, triumphing over Biology hands down!! So am happy with that!

Anyway, off to Russia now to plan 4 lessons for tomorrow.... Moscow.

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  1. Jane Freshwater

    Mee the Parents – always a good experience, one way or another.. were they what you expected, knowing the students. Some you could have guessed and some really surprise you. Some questions:
    What is “the puppet donkey”?
    Why are you planning lessons in a foreign country?
    Why does your wife collect chocolate raisins; I eat mine?
    lastly will you and one of your buds do a “how great is GTP” chat again on 10th Feb. Same as before. I will try and co-ordinate what we all say and i have got a lovely former English trainee to add to the team – what do you say? I’ll buy you tea? (well a packet of crisps)

    17 Jan 2011, 14:18

  2. Steve Essex

    Fine by me, happy to help. I have an Inset at Perry Beeches that night, think it finishes at 4.30pm, so as long as it is 6pm onwards I can be there to help out. Sadly, I spent that book voucher on a text for my Masters assignment! How sad is that?

    17 Jan 2011, 17:35

  3. Steve Essex

    And the donkey (on strings, hence a puppet) was one of my stuffed toys I used in my animal classifying lesson (see ‘Stuffed Toy Story’ post). Moscow, must go, it is a ply on words. I know you Liverpool fans lack a sense of humour / intelligence :-)

    17 Jan 2011, 17:38

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