December 08, 2010

It's Blog O'Clock


Its ok, I'm am not dead yet (to quote some Spamalot). I am aware a couple of people have rang my parents saying 'he's not posted something in 9 days on his blog, is he dead?'. Well I am alive.


So today I had 4 out of 5 lessons, yesterday I taught allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll day. Last night I hit the proverbial wall. Throat was sore, totally knackered another 4 lessons to sort out for today...... Wowser.

Then Mrs Thompson saved my life.

I've been getting better at planning lessons, making sure I have a starter, a plenary, some activities. What I am finding is my lessons, as they come in their sack full during this week of my unbalanced two week timetable, lack imagination. They become very much teacher-led activities (mentioned in my internally observed lesson evaluation last week) and I haven't promoted independent learning. My earlier lessons when I was a lot less experienced, were so much better. I had the time to think about the topic, get some good visual aids, think of analogies, design a nice practical, find a cool simulation, create some role play to stimulate the imagination. My routine however was becoming predictable. My energy levels have dipped. Getting to school an hour early to fit in resource making time is a killer, hopefully over time I'll get my own classroom, my own collection of resources.

Anyway, back to Mrs Thompson. She is a teacher I am with for a year 8 class, and she is in with me for 2 lessons out of 5 over two weeks with my lovely, but boisterous, year 7s. Between school and 6.30pm last night, with her by my side, we had planned 4 lessons, sorted out the resources, printed them off and prepared them. We had made the slideshows, found nice videos, devised some cool activities that were student led..... It was awesome. It really is easier to plan lessons as a pair; having someone to bounce ideas off, especially someone familiar with the kids you are about to teach, makes it; a) more fun, b) more productive, c) more fulfilling and d) more successful.

I headed into today a lot more clear in my mind what I was achieving, and personally 3 of the 4 lessons went to plan. One lesson I did lose my flow, but do you know what? Mrs Thompson saved the day with a quick reminder to help me along :-)  Guessw the other thing we should all do as GTPs is use the teacher in their with us. Perhaps not for an observed lesson, but generally, two pairs of hands, two voices, two pairs of eyes, much better!!

Initial complimentary placement visit on Friday. Off to Perry Beeches in Brum. Looking forward to it!

See you GTP-ites (or is it GTPons, or GTPians, perhaps GTPish??) in 2011!!

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