May 08, 2011

It's all about the money money money

If I hear one more year 7-11 girl sing that song in my lesson..... I'll explode. But it is kinda true for me this week too.

Let's reflect on my week of wisdom impartment on the next generation.

Monday - bank holiday. All my lessons went perfectly. Oh wait, I didn't have any :-) Played golf, and played alright. Dropped off the wife at the airport who was off to Paris for 5 days for a conference. Bad news - I had to cook all week. But in better news I didn't have to feel so guilty about staying up til beyond midnight planning lessons and interrupting her beauty sleep.

Tuesday was a busy day. Totally full. I had planned a little in advance and had booked a couple of computer room based lessons, which were very much student led. I was a tad annoyed with my year 9 class, not with the students, but by English. They have arranged a series of lessons on Shakespeare off timetable, and it seems to interrupt my lesson more than most! Tuesday night (see previous blog) was quality, with our year 11's heading to the Ricoh arena for the Cov Telegraph Cup Final. Had a blast, and I think my behaviour (which was entirely positive by the way) has earned me some serious credibility with the year 11s. The 20+ years of going to Stamford Bridge may have been painful at times, but it sure does prepare you for chanting! I also had my first mentor meeting in a month, due to Easter and an illness, and it was great to have a proper chat with my rather awesome mentor.

Now Wednesday was a funny day. Period 1, awaiting for my 'lovely' year 10s who I was observed with by both my Warwick tutors last term. They are very mixed ability double science set, and their last exam marks range from A*-E. But it is a relatively small class, 18, and we do have a good laugh despite some of he characters in there. However, 9 new people racked up Wednesday, having being moved from triple sets. Thankfully I got an email that lunchtime informing me, 2 and a half hours after the lesson, that I would be getting 9 new people, some of which have exams coming up, and some who do not..... Mind blowing! Only 4 lessons in the day, but I did get a cheeky parents evening to cap it off. Again, was really good fun, and was my 3rd one of the year.

Thursday is my mental day this week. Tutorial, teaching all 5 lessons, break duty and a lunch duty, and after school had an ICT training session for us GTPs. Busy! lessons went pretty well, and I got observed with a year 13 class. Thought it important before they head off an study leave for me to get a few Q14's ticked off doing A-level lessons for my folder of evidence. When I say folder, I mean 300 ring binders. How much stuff do we accumulate?

Friday was good. Only two lessons, a bit of numeracy support was given to a fellow GTP who has their skills test coming up. One of the lessons was with my now 50% bigger year 10 class, who had been a tad naughty the day before with their other teacher. I was a little worried, but my new seating plan worked out ok, and I put a lot of energy in to keep them onside. A few bad jokes and my ability to make analogue to digital an exciting topic later, I was really happy with the relationship we struck up and the positive ethos and banter in the room! Week finished with a year 12 pub quiz (done in a lab (oh, don't give year 12's caffeiene, they go crazy)), picking up the wife from Brum airport, and then seeing John Bishop. He was rather funny.

So all about the money, money, money? Well it was a financially beneficial week for me I must say. I have been struggling to be honest on the GTP wage compared to where I was at before, with my expensive hobbies, paying the mortgage etc. Petrol has been a killer for me, as I have a round 40 mile trip each day to and from Myton. To keep on top of it, I have started doing some tutoring. Having joined a website, I have actually been inundated with requests to help with AS Physics in particular. I guess there are not many physicists about, well I am the only left on the GTP course at Warwick. That fact also has helped me with my salary next year at my new job. I guess I impressed at interview, as the starting salary I am getting was a rather pleasant surprise, and I am also getting a retainer at the end of each year too subject to satisfactory improvements being observed. With a baby on the way, I was pretty thrilled with that too. And I also received confirmation I would be receiving some money from Myton for a couple of revision days I did with my year 12s over Easter out of the kindness of my heart.

Enough about me, it is time to focus on Chelsea. One of my best days at University was in my first term in first year. So probably end of November, start of December 2001. We were away v Man U, and I watched it in the Airport bar at Warwick. As it was 2001, pre-Abramovich, Ranieri in charge, I was possibly one of only 4 Chelsea supporters at Warwick, and I was certainly the only on watching it on the big screen at the Airport bar. The place was packed, with Man U's usual eclectic fanbase from across the world represented (none from Manchester mind), they were treated to a feast of footballing brilliance. 3-0 to the Chels, I may have had a few choice words to say to a few of those Man U fans, my one man singing army was a joy to my ears. Anyway, I will be delighted if that could be replicated today.

Everyone keep trucking, if you had Q10-21 last Friday, hope it went well, if it is this or next Friday (I'm 8.30am this Friday) lets all nail it! I look forward to seeing Gill again!

Stevo x

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