About me

About me

Steve Essex


My name is Steve, and a Warwick veteran. Having completed an MPhys degree, graduating in 2005, I’ve been fortunate enough to do a PhD in the Ultrasound group too. Thesis title was voted by a reputable magazine as ‘the most exciting thing we’ve ever seen’. So when you are feeling a little down, please get in touch and I’ll arrange for you to get a copy of ‘Ultrasonic characterization of rolled Aluminium and Steel sheet correlated with Electron Backscatter Diffraction measurements’. It will literally blow your mind….. A year of post doctoral research later, and here I am, on the GTP at Warwick training to become a Physics teacher at Myton school in Warwick. Making a difference in the small world of metallurgy is one thing, making the difference to potentially thousands of children’s lives is another, and to me, much more appealing.

I’m a local boy to Warwick, growing up in Nuneaton, I love (in no particular order) Chelsea, Golf, Cricket, Mountain Dew and Subway. Oh, and my wife (married August this year!!). I do not drink alcohol, never smoked a cigarette; following health issues as a youngster I’ve never felt the need to complicate matters. My lungs and liver are probably the only two functional organs I have left, so I’m going to look after them!

Ok, that is enough of me!