October 10, 2004

SST1–places of performance (active learning)

Lots of detailed info and descriptions of historical places and buildings. Many of the descriptions are accompanied by a good selection of photos taken from a large variety of angles so you can get a good idea of what the buildings look like. I see this site as a good place to get started at as it has a number of interesting links.

Good selection of images ranging beyond architecture but little or no accompanying information. Good if you only want to see a photo and don't require any historical background.


This site has a very uncomplicated style and gives a good deal of essential background history. There is also an useful glossary link to help with a more accurate search of the site however the one defficiency is the lack of images.

http://www.encyclopedia.com/html/section/greekarc_thefloweringand declineofgreekarchitecture.asp
This site is a basic introduction but I found it a bit confusing and difficult to find anything interesting or stimulating. It is a very general site and therefore makes it hard to find a specific era or piece of information.

This is a photographic website with good resolution pictures. I thought it was really well organised and easy to navigate. It mainly focuses on Athens but promises to increse the Attica section. There is also a small essay section and they recommend other websites within specific categories. This site is also accessible from the "about" site (the first I reviewed.)

This site is seperated into colour and black/white photos. I found it confusing and disorganised. It is essntial to know what your looking for if you use this site. The worst one out of this selection!

This has useful maps with areas highlighted if they are of importance within the site. There is also a useful range of essays and papers as well as a large variety of texts. One really good feature are the timelines-great if you get all muddled up like me!

I like this site as its quite informal. It mainly contains images with theatres having its own section. Its very informative on the old temple of dionysus with a really good state plan showing how it would have looked. There is an amazing section on deme theatres with pics!woo hoo!

This has a lot of photos all with a lot of different viewing angles but hardly any additional information.

THis has a really detailed map of europe with a list of the theatres organised by (current) country. Each has basic information such as the dimensions,dates of construction plus really good architectural plans.

My additional web page I found on a link from the skenotheke website. It has virtual reality pictures in the gallery. Its a new site so paomises to incrase the number of images with time. The images of the odean of pericles,the odean of Agrippa and the theatre of dionysus are especially good.

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