June 04, 2007


So, one down, 3 to go. Who will be next??

May 25, 2007

Best street name ever

Needless Alley

Don’t know why but this amuses me. Makes my day every time I have to go food shopping.

p.s. I have internet!! Well, almost. Just gotta figure out how this router thingy works :s (Am currently using work computer to write this before anyone asks)

May 15, 2007

Daily prescription of food

Human beings have survived centuries on food, eating when its available and going hungry in the lean times. But now they say that we must have 5 protions of fruit and veg a day, and lots of whole grain, and not too much fat or salt or sugar.

I’m not saying that we should gorge ourselves, but who the hell suddenly decided that we have to have 5 portions a day? And why the hell is whole grain good for your heart?!

Basically this is a bit of a rant to people asking them to question the so called “facts” and “daily intakes of vitamins”. I mean, if we have to watch what we eat 24-7 like they tell us to then we would go insane and you have to wonder how human kind managed in the days before these rules!

p.s. what defines a portion?

May 03, 2007

no more velvet underpants

Ever since I’ve travelled to Birmingham (at least 5 years that I can remember anyway) there has been a particular wall which has graffiti on it with the slogan “velvet underpants”. Recently they have painted over this. And now I feel sad.

I know I shouldn’t like graffiti, and to be honest I really hate tags because they’re just crappy doodley type signatures with no imagination attached to them, but something like velvet underpants always made me smile and showed a bit of imaginiation and artistic tallent (there was also a picture). This kind of graffiti I admire. Getting rid of it by painting over it was just wrong. It wasn’t offending anyone and now that there’s a “blank” wall again there are now some crappy tags again.

April 20, 2007

a few points

1stly, sorry about the lack of blogs. This is due to a lack of internet.

2ndly, ignor all spelling mistakes. It’s not just that I can’t type, it’s that I can’t spell either.

3rdly, who the bloody hell drives and uses a street cleaning machine at 4:50 in the morning?! I don’t know who, but I’m not happy with them!

March 24, 2007

the wierdness of mfi

Well, they’ve just lost themselves a sale (not that it’ll make much difference).

Basically, need a couple of chests of drawers and had found the right ones so go look for a person. None around (strange in itself). Amuse self by looking at the sale prices in detail. See that they don’t seem to be correct. 50% off, from £414 to £239?! Eh?! So when get a person, ask. Says that the way you have to buy the drawers is:

  1. buy the frame excluding the top and the feet;
  2. buy the top;
  3. buy the feet.

Only get the sale price on the frame, not the top or feet. Is it just me or is that completely stupid? Also, the feet on their own costed £19!!

What is more, I only found out this information by accident. It didn’t say anything about it in the shop!


March 21, 2007

Officially an adult

Well, so the documents I signed saying that I owe a lot of money because I am now the proud owner (in 25 years) of a 2 bed flat in the lovely concrete world of Brum. It is pretty and mine… All mine!! Well in 25 years…

Other than that HUGE news (well, from my point of view – not so interesting for others), I am back on campus for the next few days, as a deligate! It’s wierd being back, especially during the holidays (wanted top b etc) but still good. The rooms are amazing! Like proper hotel rooms!

March 13, 2007

The irony

Just been out to get some lunch. Went into boots and saw a sign for 2 for 69p chocolate bars attached to another sign saying:

Look good, feel good


March 09, 2007

2 for the price of 1

I’ve been meaning to write an entry for ages, but the lack of broadband and patience has meant that I have not. Thus this will be several entries in one.

Number 1

Why are people who like dance music (I’m talking about the people who actually like it rather than have to be high on something to enjoy it) seen and, more often than not, described as freaks? I do not think that this is fair and if I had been another race or gay and someone had made a comment then this would have been seen as racist or homophobic. I don’t mind people taking the mick out of me for liking dance music if they are not being serious, but I have come across people who genuinely do not understand my liking of dance music and have been downright rude about it.

Note to take away from here – be more tollerant on all issues.

Hmm… rather a dull and serious point there, but it stands. Onto entry number 2:

Number 2

To whom it may concern (you know who you are :p), can I have my books back please?

That seems like a cryptic message, but I do not (at this stage) wish to publicly announce the person’s name. (Aren’t I a nice person?!)

Considering I have not written an entry in a long time the fact that I have only come up with 2 ideas is pretty bad. There were some other entries, but at this time I cannot remember them. There is also the fact that not much is going on in my life atm except for work and exams. All fun stuff and things that will cure insomnia more than a pure maths text book.

Ta ta for now… Until I find something interesting to write about…


February 18, 2007


There were two points to note here:

  1. cow buggery
  2. drinking pints from vases

#1 did not actually happen (but is worthy of note – interesting game of Cranium) and #2 did (It’s a vase, Rich, it’s a vase!).

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