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May 25, 2007

Best street name ever

Needless Alley

Don’t know why but this amuses me. Makes my day every time I have to go food shopping.

p.s. I have internet!! Well, almost. Just gotta figure out how this router thingy works :s (Am currently using work computer to write this before anyone asks)

May 15, 2007

Daily prescription of food

Human beings have survived centuries on food, eating when its available and going hungry in the lean times. But now they say that we must have 5 protions of fruit and veg a day, and lots of whole grain, and not too much fat or salt or sugar.

I’m not saying that we should gorge ourselves, but who the hell suddenly decided that we have to have 5 portions a day? And why the hell is whole grain good for your heart?!

Basically this is a bit of a rant to people asking them to question the so called “facts” and “daily intakes of vitamins”. I mean, if we have to watch what we eat 24-7 like they tell us to then we would go insane and you have to wonder how human kind managed in the days before these rules!

p.s. what defines a portion?

May 03, 2007

no more velvet underpants

Ever since I’ve travelled to Birmingham (at least 5 years that I can remember anyway) there has been a particular wall which has graffiti on it with the slogan “velvet underpants”. Recently they have painted over this. And now I feel sad.

I know I shouldn’t like graffiti, and to be honest I really hate tags because they’re just crappy doodley type signatures with no imagination attached to them, but something like velvet underpants always made me smile and showed a bit of imaginiation and artistic tallent (there was also a picture). This kind of graffiti I admire. Getting rid of it by painting over it was just wrong. It wasn’t offending anyone and now that there’s a “blank” wall again there are now some crappy tags again.

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