July 01, 2007

TV fest

This weekend I have mostly be watching tv. I needed a weekend off – I’ve been travelling the country every weekend for the past, erm, long time (can’t remember how long now). This entry is basically a round-up of the tv I’ve watched. Sad, I know, but what are you gonna do about it?

Big Brother

Unfortunately I’ve got addicted to this this year. All in all I don’t think that it’s been really great and now that Billi has been voted out it’s going to be even more boring. Him and Charlie would have been a great duo – arguing and bitching together. Would have made great entertainment. But no. Instead Tracy and Carole are left in. To be fair Carole has grown on me. A Few weeks ago she was annoyingly mummy-ish but now she’s joining in the fun a bit more. But Tracy… I think the amount of airtime she has had says a lot. She isn’t that entertaining except when it comes to nominations. Basically I think that she’s clever (can come across as very wise) but she doesn’t really add anything to the house.

Dr Who

Omg – Saturday’s episode was fan-bloody-tastic! In fact the whole series has. And definitely one for the ladies. There are so many programmes with eye-candy for blokes, but this series (especially the last 3 episodes) has really been nice to look at (and watch of course)!

Hickstead Derby

Yes, I’m one of the few that likes watching this, but I have an appreciation of the skill and bravery involved. And this year’s weather… I’m glad I didn’t have to do go round, even if they had lowered the jumps! Also, glad that Geoff Billington won. ‘Bout time!

Diana’s concert

Erm, I have a slight problem with this. It just makes me uncomfortable having a concert in her honour. But I’ll not go into that for fear of being shouted down. A lot. One thing that is funny is seeing the princes dance! Generally blokes dancing makes me laugh but when they’re famous it makes it even funnier!

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  1. Big Brother slap

    02 Jul 2007, 10:46

  2. I know, I know. But it’s either that or study when I come home. And your preference would be….?

    02 Jul 2007, 18:02

  3. You really want the answer to that?
    BB!? Ashaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamed :’(

    03 Jul 2007, 10:32

  4. You’d actually want to work?! Even if the work was your project from last year and you had to see Rudo every day?

    05 Jul 2007, 19:39

  5. Now you’re just trying to hurt me.

    05 Jul 2007, 22:07

  6. Nah, am just trying to find out the point at which you would start watching big brother :)

    07 Jul 2007, 12:00

  7. Sue

    I find Big Brother quite entertaining, my favourite is Brian, he is so sweet and I like the twins. I also have a soft spot for Charlie, although she is very argumentative. Im not keen on Tracy, though, I find her too aggressive and abrupt. Im not a great fan of TV since I discovered the internet and I have never liked Dr Who and no amount of eye candy would tempt me to watch it in the same way that I find Johnny Depp gorgeous but would never watch a Pirates of the Carribean film purely because Im not into pirates. Im more of a man in the street woman. I watched some of Dianas concert which I enjoyed and actually discovered Nelly Fertado who I liked so much that she is now on my Ipod, so that was very worthwhile.

    13 Jul 2007, 16:38

  8. Sue

    It seems strange that I wrote the last comment nearly two weeks ago and nobody has added to it and yet it has popped up again. Interestingly (to me, anyway) I haven’t changed my mind on the Big Brother contestants, although I would now add Liam as someone who I think is likeable because he seems wise and compassionate. My husband doesn’t like Big Brother, he doesn’t like the way peoples emotions are manipulated and I can certainly understand his feelings and at times I have felt the same distaste. I find a lot of it boring and missed a week of it lately but didn’t miss not seeing it, it’s that sort of programme. I don’t get addicted to TV programmes anyway. I could have cried for Charlie last night, she’s such a sweet, vulnerable girl who puts on a hard front, it makes me wonder what she has been through in her short life to suffer that sort of emotional turmoil. I cannot begin to understand why anyone would want to appear on the programme and I’m very puzzled about the quest for fame that some young people seem to have.
    So, my IP address will be recorded, is that in case I’m ever in trouble and someone will come and seek me out and give me some assisstance?

    23 Jul 2007, 19:42

  9. I agree that Big Brother plays with people’s minds, but they were given enough warning about it before they went in and I’m sure that they all had to take some psychiatric tests and sign a load of forms so it’s not like they’re not prepared. Besides, it takes a “special” type of person to appear on a show like that.

    As for feeling sorry for Charlie.. To some extent I agree, but she still has a long way to go in my eyes. I think that being in the house has actually done her some good and am glad that she’s finally learning etc. I just hope that the public don’t vote her out this week. She may be very annoying, but I think that a few more weeks in there will do her good. Don’t think she deserves to win though. Still think that Brian deserves to win, despite fancying one of the twins (Amanda?). I know they’re nice people, but I just can’t seem to warm to them. I still don’t feel that they’ve properly integrated with the rest of the house and seem to keep to themselves.

    I suppose I like Liam, but again, I can’t really warm to him. Gerry is annoying, but good fun to watch. Ziggi and Chanelle are just boring now (if they went this week I wouldn’t be sad). The same goes for Carole (that woman does suffer from double standards, just as Ziggi said). I think that Tracy is playing a bigger part in the house now, but I’m not sure about her. I’m just undecided. I’m not sure I can warm to a person who, after so many weeks, we still don’t really know.

    Blimey, I’ve gone on about BB for a long time. Must stop now.

    p.s. I think the IP address gets recorded so that if comments are posted that may be bullying etc then that address can be blocked. Slightly flawed, I know, but good intentions all the same. Don’t worry though – I have no intentions of reporting you!

    23 Jul 2007, 20:48

  10. I might. She mentioned Jeffery Archer on my blog.

    23 Jul 2007, 21:02

  11. Could be worse – could be starting up a BB discussion on it…

    Oo – and hello * waves *

    23 Jul 2007, 21:04

  12. Sue

    It’s interesting that you should sight bullying as a reason for the IP address recording because I’ve become interested in the nature of people who have their own blogs and I’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of those people have a tendency to be bullies. I wonder if they were the victims of bullying at school. I think Charlie may have been bullied in the past and that may be why she is so defensive. Kleinian theorists elaborated the anxieties of persecution, loss and confusion in which the capacity to think is threatened. I don’t dislike any of the housemates but then, there are very few people I take a dislike too in the real world. Ziggy and Chanelle are getting on my nerves, though, they seem to be forever trying to justify to themselves why they are together in the first place. I still love the twins because they have no malice, they are very self contained but that is not always such a bad thing and when anyone else gets upset they do show a lot of empathy for that person which is always a good quality in someone. I rather like Carol, she is good in a crisis and seems to offer good advice, I think the relationship she has with Charlie is very sweet.

    24 Jul 2007, 07:33

  13. I just want to be loved :( And to be on BB.

    And oh herro * wave back *

    24 Jul 2007, 10:29

  14. Charley is a drain on society. She should a) get a job, b) get a life, and c) get a more appreciable attitude, in whatever order she finds most accessible.

    24 Jul 2007, 22:13

  15. I’ve become interested in the nature of people who have their own blogs and I’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of those people have a tendency to be bullies.

    I seriously do not think that is the case! How have you come to that conclusion?! From my experience, most of the people in blog-land have been bullied at school – they weren’t the bully.

    As for Charlie, although she had a good start to the week and seemed to be turning things around, it now appears that that was a one off. I thought that she might go through a journey in the house, but no. I don’t think she’s entertaining any more. She’s just boring now. I don’t think that she was bullied at school, but people may have tried which is why she’s so defensive. People tried to bully me at school and I fought back and got rid of them. Just seems like that was more of the case than her being bullied.

    Finally, Carole – is she trying to get herself voted out next week or something? She’s seems to be the causing as many arguments as Charlie now. She is such a hypocrite. For example, she has a go at everyone for not keeping the house tidy, when her house is such a mess! Omg – it looks like it would be a contender for “how clean is your house”!

    27 Jul 2007, 08:42

  16. Sue

    I don’t find it difficult to believe that most people in “blog-land” have been bullied at school and there is a great deal of evidence to suggest that people who were bullied at school often become bullies in later life – the workplace for example. I was lucky enough not to be bullied at school, a fact that I find quite surprising as I was often the “new girl” because I changed schools such a lot because of my fathers job and I was also quite timid. I have since been bullied in my place of work once and when I eventually confronted the woman who was bullying me (and other work colleagues) she told me that she had been bullied at school which seemed rather ironic to me so I made a point of researching bullying and it seems that she was by no means an isolated case but quite representative. I was just stating what my experience has been in “blog land” and, obviously, I accept that yours may be different.

    As far as “Big Brother” is concerned I agree with you about Charlie, she is getting to be a right pain but no more so than Chanelle, I’m not sure about Carole being hypocritical, I think she’s probably focussing on the housework so much because there’s nothing much else to do in there. Her own house did look very cluttered and I couldn’t stand to live in that sort of mess but everybody’s different and I thought it was a bit unfair to show that on TV. The whole programme is beginning to get on my wick to be quite honest. I hope Brian wins because I think he’s such a lovely, caring person and if not him then one of the twins, those three are the sort of people who could restore someones faith in human nature.

    27 Jul 2007, 19:34

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