May 03, 2007

no more velvet underpants

Ever since I’ve travelled to Birmingham (at least 5 years that I can remember anyway) there has been a particular wall which has graffiti on it with the slogan “velvet underpants”. Recently they have painted over this. And now I feel sad.

I know I shouldn’t like graffiti, and to be honest I really hate tags because they’re just crappy doodley type signatures with no imagination attached to them, but something like velvet underpants always made me smile and showed a bit of imaginiation and artistic tallent (there was also a picture). This kind of graffiti I admire. Getting rid of it by painting over it was just wrong. It wasn’t offending anyone and now that there’s a “blank” wall again there are now some crappy tags again.

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    Coincidence? I think not. Liz is teh Interweb

    03 May 2007, 17:32

  2. If it matters to you so much, why not just pull the spray can out from under the mattress or wherever else you keep it and sprawl “velvet underpants” over the wall again. With an even better picture!

    And then footnote with a tag of your own for good measure :)

    03 May 2007, 23:32

  3. DrPete2007

    That Velvet Underpants graffiti has been on that wall near Tysely Station since the early 1980’s. It pays hommage to a punk rock band from 1981. I always used to see it as a child travelling to Brum with my Mom from Shirley Station. Shame its gone, but you can still see the faint outline of it through the paint.

    08 Jun 2007, 21:59

  4. matt c

    the velvet underpants where the best night out you could have.whoever knows of the band would agree with me that who ever painted over the slogan is a (wanker in disguise) and if asked if they painted over it would probably say(not me mate).i have all the cassetes released by the velvet underpants including the first e.p which was banned because of a song called who killed johnny shorthouse.for me the pants will never die or be rubbed out of my mind.they where great n i miss n love em even at 35 years of age.ant info about the band would be greatly appreciated

    25 Jun 2007, 01:34

  5. IAN MAC

    i had a copy of a VELVET UNDERPANTS tape dont know the name of it got it off a brumee at a festavel inLEEDS i have lost it now but would love to hear them agin LADA`S SKODA`S LONNY DONNAGAN ETC all will never be the same again VERY HAPPY TIMES music missed with a heavy heart.ACE

    25 Aug 2007, 03:24

  6. Michelle

    Please come and join my group on facebook – completely dedicated to bringing the “pants” back!!!

    28 Aug 2007, 21:13

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