July 12, 2007

chair math

6 people plus 1 equals 7 people.
6 chairs plus 0 equals 6 charis.

Hmm… I may have a problem.

July 07, 2007


Why am I awake at this time in the morning? Oh, I know – its all the caffine alcoholic drinks I’ve consumed tonight. As well as only getting back about an hour ago. I’m tired and drunk and have so much to do this weekend. Oh well…

Going to Global Gathering though :D

July 05, 2007

How to destress…

...and forget about the crap that is life sometimes.

Take one bath. Add water.
Take one glass. Add wine.
Take one book.
Get in bath, drink wine, read book.
For added luxury, eat strawberries.

July 01, 2007

TV fest

This weekend I have mostly be watching tv. I needed a weekend off – I’ve been travelling the country every weekend for the past, erm, long time (can’t remember how long now). This entry is basically a round-up of the tv I’ve watched. Sad, I know, but what are you gonna do about it?

Big Brother

Unfortunately I’ve got addicted to this this year. All in all I don’t think that it’s been really great and now that Billi has been voted out it’s going to be even more boring. Him and Charlie would have been a great duo – arguing and bitching together. Would have made great entertainment. But no. Instead Tracy and Carole are left in. To be fair Carole has grown on me. A Few weeks ago she was annoyingly mummy-ish but now she’s joining in the fun a bit more. But Tracy… I think the amount of airtime she has had says a lot. She isn’t that entertaining except when it comes to nominations. Basically I think that she’s clever (can come across as very wise) but she doesn’t really add anything to the house.

Dr Who

Omg – Saturday’s episode was fan-bloody-tastic! In fact the whole series has. And definitely one for the ladies. There are so many programmes with eye-candy for blokes, but this series (especially the last 3 episodes) has really been nice to look at (and watch of course)!

Hickstead Derby

Yes, I’m one of the few that likes watching this, but I have an appreciation of the skill and bravery involved. And this year’s weather… I’m glad I didn’t have to do go round, even if they had lowered the jumps! Also, glad that Geoff Billington won. ‘Bout time!

Diana’s concert

Erm, I have a slight problem with this. It just makes me uncomfortable having a concert in her honour. But I’ll not go into that for fear of being shouted down. A lot. One thing that is funny is seeing the princes dance! Generally blokes dancing makes me laugh but when they’re famous it makes it even funnier!

June 29, 2007

Young 'uns

Just got ID’ed! At 23!

I’m still young!! :D

June 27, 2007

You wha?!

On my way to work this morning I passed a sign saying:

Canal locks temporarily out of order due to lack of water.

June 21, 2007

In pain again

May have to swear off a few things for a while. As does everybody once in a while.

Feeling like a student again

Cos I get my actuarial exam results tonight :s

p.s. don’t judge the actuarial-ness – it is an interesting job!

Bizarre hobbies

Fishing in a canal.


June 10, 2007

How to make shopping embarassing

Step 1: go bra shopping – never the funnest type of shopping.

Step 2: go into a lingerie shop – check no one you know sees you.

Step 3: walk round said shop, probably in circles because you’re like that.

Step 4: notice that all the shop assistants are now looking at you because you’re walking around in circles.

Step 5: hastily chose a bra that you would not mind purchasing so assistants stop looking at you.

Step 6: go to the changing rooms to try said bra on.

Step 7: panick because the bra fitter is someone you know from school.

What can you do in this situation?
  1. run away? No, because then you look stupid and rude.
  2. have a nice long chat to them about bras? Erm, no, I think that the fact that I’m already embarassed about this pretty much means a big fat no.
  3. have a nice awkward hello and exchange of friendlies then hide in the changing room? Unfortunately, this might be the best option.

And so it happenned.


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