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March 18, 2012

RDM– out of control

I would like to share with you guys “out of control” this a documental that I watched on BBC, which explains how humans brains works in making decisions. There you might have different samples to see how unconscious has been assessed for scientist. For instance being a knitter, its one of the samples which translate the way of mostly women as soon as they are familiar with the movement, they simply can knit and at the same time have a chat with your friends understanding all the conversation. Besides, there are other explanations regarded with unconscious. So, I found this documental very interesting to understand how our brains works. Hope that you will enjoy.

March 14, 2012

RDM–the problem of making decisions in risky countries.

According to the discussion today with my friends related to the risk of investing in countries such as Venezuela, concerning that this organizations is a multinational and it's currently making a good profit, I want to share with you my view. Well, in terms of worker conditions, my friend was explaining that in comparison with other countries where this company has manufactures, the scenario will be more favorable for them, because the risk does not exits as the same level as Venezuela does, as mentioned before taking this country as an example. Thus, its “reasonable” the decision made for CEO to avoid investing a lot there, regardless the situation goes well. Nevertheless, workers might complain and do not be agree with this. However, I understood that suddenly the scenario might get worse for this company, which will generate in spending additional money to cover the problem. In other words, looking this from polities view, in just few hours there might has a random decision which might affect a lot the profit of the company. In fact, though this point does make sense, it will be a big challenge for leaders to make this sort of decisions when the labor force is affected. Let’s say that some organizations are taking care about workers, but to be honest, they are really aware of reserving some money for any random issue and clearly this money is coming from the reductions in conditions within the company at this country.

March 09, 2012

are we expecting to make the best decision with uncertain information?

I am not quite sure whether people value the responsibility for being a doctor. Beyond of how the new technology aid them day-by-day to safe human life, doctors are aware the importance to learn and learn everyday to avoid the lack of knowledge in rush situation. In fact, decision making with uncertain information, is commonly happened into the hospitals. However, the big different in taking better decision in a situation by doctors in comparison with the rest of professionals is essentially the final outcome “life or death”. So the thing is, we certainly should learn new knowledge more often regardless this is not related with the main activity heading for us everyday. In this way, we might ensure to expand more our minds and achieve better decisions.

March 2012

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