February 08, 2012

LE–do you guys still find hard to assess each other?

We had today a good simulation called HOTEL, which provided good experience. Highlighting one of the good points came up again, do you guy still find hard to assess each other?, in my personal opinion, areas for improve are the hardest part of it. Well I feel that we don’t like at all to put our colleagues in embarrassing situation or perhaps we avoid to damage a bit the relation. However, during this module, we have had the opportunity to do the feedback for leaders as well as members for many times and currently we are more comfortable assessing in order to provide a good feedback for each member. Going back to the hotel simulation, I haven’t seen such interested person as wazeen for getting his feedback in the group. According to wazeen answer and my view certainly, this practice can make you realize how you are perform in terms of behavior, style and so on. Surely we will keep the significance for doing feedback in our future and how we will have to address in the sense of avoiding to make it complex and effectively. Well done wazeen.

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  1. Oritseweyinmi Barber

    I do think he has taken a very healthy approach to the self assessment part of the exercise. it would be a good idea if more of use were like he appears to be, genuinely interested in improving ourselves, and not just seeing these exercises as part of our course requirements.

    08 Feb 2012, 23:12

  2. Sophie Bellone

    It has never been easy to assess people, but from another point of view, don’t u help them to improve themselves ?
    Usually, people do make mistakes but are not aware of it. If no one tell you, you will probably never realize it and keep doing the same mistake again again and again.

    With a more realistic example, that everyone has experienced: learn and speak another language …
    If you try to speak with someone, 2 situations are likely to happen:
    - 1. As long as the person understands what you say, he/she will keep talking with u
    - 2. Talk with you and correct you from time to time to avoid you making the same mistakes again

    Then, it depends on what your own objective is … improve yourself or just be able to communicate ?
    It’s not easy but it is how you reach perfection … in any field :)

    The reactions also could be different. Some people will be afraid of getting another comment based on their language skills and stop talking, some others will understand it differently and take that as a good starting point to improve their skills… Once again, this is just up to you …

    12 Feb 2012, 16:27

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