October 25, 2004

Memory as a creative process

The many processes and institutionalised mechanisms places our understanding in a slot, for a projection of our lives that conviences ourselves into a monotone viewing of our exsistance and more devistatingly our value. There remains a need therefore for a mechanism that prevents the oppression of our creative nature. This we find in a real relationship with the Creator and Teacher: Jesus. Through the understanding placed in the Bible and though the guidance and direction of his spirit that lives in us, memory will be a creative process of thankfulness and an understanding of the purpose for which we were made.

October 15, 2004

Memory and Education

If you were to believe that that memory was a creative process in itself, approachs to learning would be far different from the normal ways of learning. lLearning would be an imaginative experince that allows your mind to push out the boundaries rather than burn numbers or words in. Correct and thoughtful means would be used to discover ways of learning information and develop it into apart of who you are. We learn too much in order to develop our C.V or our status but quite often that doesn't filter through into the essence of who we are. Our bid to be useful or the best often looses our need to be creative exciting beings created by God. In a bid to perform we loose the reason to perform and the answer to having real life.

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