December 13, 2005

What the Bleep DO we know?

4 out of 5 stars
This is a must-see documentary for absolutely everyone. It explores the groundbreaking discoveries that have come from the study of quantom physics and the resulting implications/possibilities for human life.
The documentary begins with an introduction to quantom physics, and then goes on to show how quantom physics can shed light on the way we function: our bodies, our emotions, the way in which we percieve the world around us, and then goes on to consider wider themes such as the notion of God through the science of quantom physics.
'What the Bleep do we know?' will be of interest to anyone of any interest: scientific, biological, spiritual, philosophical. I reccommend that everyone gives it a shot!

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  1. hmmm, maybe not everyone's cup of tea. as a physicist i can see why you may not have liked this, but i thought the exciting thing about it was that it showed a bridge between physics, human emotion and the notion of an observer or god, not that it was trying to use science to prove the existence of such an entity. It was showing what implications quantom physics MAY have in terms of spiritual or emotional notions, it did not claim to prove any of this 100%. Anyways, I thought its worth watching, even if you do decide its a load of rubbish…there is an alternative series which explores quantom physics on its own called 'An Elegant Univese'.

    14 Dec 2005, 18:04

  2. I've seen this and thought that it was quite interesting with some pretty good demonstrations of the principles but i thought too that the interviewees were a bit slapdash, one woman who spoke with a lot of confidence seemed at the end when their credentials were revealed to be a bit of a cult leader.
    These ideas don't seem too suited in my mind to film documentary, everything has to be watered down or simplified, i think it;s a good thing for getting through to people who otherwise wouldnt be able to learn about this new science but the topics seem better adapted to televisual demonstation, more easily broken up into different sections with varied implications and no use is made of the DVD to expand on the most interesting issues.

    06 Feb 2006, 15:36

  3. Amanda

    I watched this movie having no idea what to expect. It was given to me on loan from a dear friend who encouraged me to watch it because she thought that it would be something that I would relate to and enjoy. Well, I am pleased to report that she was right on. Although I am far from a quantum physics buff, I would like to think that I am one who needs to look at this life on many many different levels. I enjoyed the mathematical theories that were presented to the best of my abilities, but more than that I enjoyed the feeling that I am not alone in the thinking that we as a society do not always live our lives to their fullest potential, and fall prey to the mundane or routine existence that we have grown accustomed to in our every day lives. I felt refreshed, and positively impacted with the message that we just may create our own reality, and that there IS more out there than we take into account!! All in all, every one has their own opinion, and mine is that I thoroughly enjoyed this film and took it for what it was worth, which was an experience that I can take from what I need, and leave the rest for someone else!!

    15 Jul 2006, 23:52

  4. Ian Williams

    At first this doco seems to have some validity, but red flags kept coming up, especially the association with that shonky cult of Ramtha and J Z Knight. Before swallowing any of this, I encourage anyone interested in it to read some of the very learned critiques available online – simply search "what the bleep do we know cult" on google. One must be very wary of such pseudo–science, and worse still, pseudo–spiritualism. Don't get me wrong – there really is a very real spiritual dimension to life and form which Life springs, but this is not he way to find it, for this way there are indeed dragons – very old, very nasty, and very evil dragons!

    29 Aug 2006, 08:39


    umm…we watched this movie in school and it totally blew me away i got a headach from it i didnt understand most of it at all but regardless of that it is still very interesting i actually sat at home and thought about all taht stuff that that movie is about…well the stuff i understood that is…and when i heard that we were watching a movie about it i got excited thinking that it would explain some stuff so i could understand it…instead it confused me more than iw as before haha but all taht aside it is a pretty good documentry

    15 Nov 2006, 00:42

  6. Olga

    I have watched this movie more times than any other movie … ever. The movie so excited me that I have been buying quantum physics books to learn more about this ‘new’ science. I am in awe of the enormous misconceptions that continue to dictate our perceptions of the universe in which we live. To discount this movie because Ramtha is in it, in my opinion, is short sighted. This movie’s list of credits is impressive and the experiments referenced have been reproduced with the same results (one of the criterias of valid scientific experiments). To label any science a ‘cult’ because it deals with the human ability to create is the equivalent of wearing a blind fold and insisting the sky is green. To quote from “Conscious Acts of Creation – The Emergence of a New Physics” by William A Tiller, Ph.D, Walter E. Dibble, Jr., Ph.D and Michael J. Kohane, Ph.D – the first sentence of the preface states “This book marks a sharp dividing line between old ways of scientific thought and old experimental protocols, wherein human qualities of conciousness, intention, emotion, mind and spirit cannot significantly affect physical reality, and a new paradigm wherein they can robustly do so!” The dark ages drew a line between science and religion that previously didn’t exist. It’s high time we rediscovered the totallity of who we really are.

    10 Dec 2006, 13:28

  7. Bill Snyder

    Q-canics isn’t a new science, it is rather a newly matured science. I was a student of Amit Gaswami, in the 80s, and I remember how he introduced us to the infinate potential of Q-canics. At that time it was only a theory concerning an interesting quirk of math. I seemed to indicate that it had much to do with our lives and how they relate to the physicle world around us. Now it is understood that the physicle wave length which we live and function within, is a narrow learned one. We choose the reality we live in because we are designed (trained) to. The trick is to understand, that to a degree, you can train yourself to focus on other realities, and interact with many realities at once. Or even transverse to another at will. Shaping our reality by by a learned process.

    16 Feb 2007, 00:54

  8. robyne

    I am taking my time to watch the movie. I also watched the Secret. Both I liked and feel there is much validity in the projections of the movies.

    I am happy to hear that most posters are open to these ideas. However, after reading a few of these posts I am confused as to why one would say this is evil. I can only phantom that one is fearful of change and the possibilities that they may bring. Life is about progression, trust towards self and the world the lord has given us. Did the bible not suggest the Lord opened up the kingdom to all as in the old testament Jews did not provide enough faith… the reasoning for the Lord to open up and share his many precious gifts with all who do believe and are willing to do something about their belief and faith in the almighty. And isnt it true in order to understand the Lord one must understand self… after all isnt it said that the Lord is within us.

    Just food for thought

    Kudos to all who believe

    Robyne Arrow

    01 Mar 2007, 06:21

  9. William B Berard

    This movie like all other sciences in the end will prove to explain about 10%
    of what they think is explaining 90 to a 100 but one things for sure it is the closest modern science has come to explaining a persons will,mental thought and how we effect the outside world I have always believed that if you believe you can do something whole heartedly you will and that was before i ever saw this movie, i mean look at michael jordan he wasnt the best just because he could jump higher then everyone else if you watch him play you will see he didnt just win with athletiscm but he willed his teams to victory he believed he could do whatever he had to, in order to win and he was very succesfull most of the time there for i know we have a much greater effect on our reallity then most people give credit for

    10 May 2007, 14:05

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