January 28, 2006

10th planet

I just found out that a "10th Planet" was discovered in our solar system a while back. Made me think of primary school when, as an insult, we'd accuse people of being from "planet Smiley"...just shows how much more kids know seeing as 10 years on scientists have finally discovered it…except they've named the new planet (which is orbiting the sun just off Pluto) XENA, as in Xena the Warrior Princess! Nice to know they thought carefully about it. They recently discovered that Xena now has a moon – Gabrielle (also from the tv series) and, commenting on the newly discovered moon, Professor Robert Brown couldn't help but let his comic astronomy-highschool-geek persona slip through:

"Having a moon is just inherently cool – and it is something that most self-respecting planets have, so it is good to see that this one does, too."

It's reassuring to know that no matter how we corrupt our planet, thanks to the moon, it will always be a self-respecting one! It's also good to know that new-girl Xena is a respectful addition to our solar-system…we could do with any space-hussies tainting the atmosphere.

Isn't it all a bit weird?

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  1. I heard a while back that technically there are only 8 planets and pluto isn't really one! The argument goes that there are lots of bodies just like pluto floating about on the edge of our solar system, minding their own business. Its just that until recently we didn't have the technology to see them. Astronomers/Space people for some reason don't think these bodies are really planets but asteriods etc or they don't like big numbers. Either way currently they're debating redefining what a planet is!

    28 Jan 2006, 20:30

  2. My parents used to accuse me of being from Pluto. My Mum even bought me a T-shirt "Nice person, Wrong planet" It has a cute alien on the front.

    29 Jan 2006, 10:22

  3. can i just say, you write so many interesting things in your blog! am v jealous (I've not quite got the hang of that with mine!). i usually don't comment because your entries leave me thinking and reflecting for a while…

    love the eliot-inspired poem!

    you ever written any song lyrics? i'm quite keen to get back to composition, and am vaguely on the look out for some words to set for a choral piece…

    07 Feb 2006, 10:20

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