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January 28, 2006

10th planet

I just found out that a "10th Planet" was discovered in our solar system a while back. Made me think of primary school when, as an insult, we'd accuse people of being from "planet Smiley"...just shows how much more kids know seeing as 10 years on scientists have finally discovered it…except they've named the new planet (which is orbiting the sun just off Pluto) XENA, as in Xena the Warrior Princess! Nice to know they thought carefully about it. They recently discovered that Xena now has a moon – Gabrielle (also from the tv series) and, commenting on the newly discovered moon, Professor Robert Brown couldn't help but let his comic astronomy-highschool-geek persona slip through:

"Having a moon is just inherently cool – and it is something that most self-respecting planets have, so it is good to see that this one does, too."

It's reassuring to know that no matter how we corrupt our planet, thanks to the moon, it will always be a self-respecting one! It's also good to know that new-girl Xena is a respectful addition to our solar-system…we could do with any space-hussies tainting the atmosphere.

Isn't it all a bit weird?

Dream Poetry

The train is constant; it chugs through the sole of my shoe and ends its route somewhere
near a cochlea. Blind to noise, we take tea together, while teacups rain from the heavy sky
and litter the ground with broken shards, grey against the sand. ďWhere
do we end?Ē you ask Five
whilst counting dis-
located fingers (we have only just begun, but Zero already told you that).
Tears collect in the corners of my elongated mouth as I
gag, gag, gag, gag, gag
gloves on my hands like leather skin of a minotaur leading my deaf eyes Ďround each corner,
jerking muscles beneath my touch,
hoof in my hand,
horn in my hair, shattered
china underfoot.
He leaves me by a pool, yellow water, rippling red: my reflection
emerging to meet me.
Itís been a while.

We are glued, my self and me I rise from the water
and watch my habitat evolve: the serpent and the lizard making love,
and buffalo
chasing the call of a distant whale through the purple sky.
The reptiles interest me most. They want to break
apart and resign to genetic dictatorship, yet
they cannot resist: the serpent coiled
around the lizardís scaly
back, thrusting and writhing, tongues
flicking in and out with pleasure.
They are too immersed in their reptilian tantra, oblivious
to the quicksand gradually consuming their rapt forms.
The plain unfolds itself to me and on the mountainís tail I am met by a withered virgin,
feet bleeding at the end of cankered ankles (the Ram
and the Virgin,
each a grotesque
image of the other, mirrored mouths open in silent scream, forever forward, forward, donít
look back).
Bones emerge from beneath my skin.
I bleed to the river, misting what we know and what we will know, cracking
cups, sipping the entrails of an oyster shell, piercing
our eyes with darts, crying and laughing as we dance back-to-
back through shifting spotlights of pink and indigo
fade to black: how
could we have managed all of this?

N.B. I have played with the form of this poem a lot but the blog with not allow me to post some of the physical ways in which I have manipulated it. In my opinion the line breaks also need a lot of work. Don't let that affect your reading though!

Inspired by the words of T.S.Eliot (and the weather)

ĎIt will even be affirmed that much learning deadens or perverts poetic sensibility.í ~ T.S. Eliot

To Be Poetic

rain drains the grey sky deadened and hung-
over after a night full
the windís acute sensibility perverts
and whips the sea
waves clawing the air
for the seduction of their coveted globe
(no amount of learning or
strength of will
can change the temporality of such a lover)

centuries of love poetry have affirmed
that there is an undeniable attraction to
The Moon
(even wolves admit as much)

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