October 07, 2013

Week 2 Questions

  Maria Edgeworth  

Maria Edgeworth's House

Some questions for you to consider while reading Maria Edgeworth's Castle Rackrent.

The narrator: what is the impact of the first-person narration? Is Thady a reliable narrator? What is the relationship between Thady's narration and the surrounding editorial material - preface, footnotes, glossary?

The big house: in what ways is the house significant, and what values is it associated with? What does the novel criticise and endorse? How do class tensions intersect with issues of nationality?

The position of women: what part do women play in this narrative? How do gender, class and nation intersect?

September 26, 2013


en245 words

Welcome to the blog for the module EN245, The English Nineteenth Century Novel. I will use this blog to post additional resources to support the weekly seminar reading as well as general information and updates related to the course. Anyone taking this course is welcome to read and contribute!

The EN245 module website is now up-to-date with this year's information, including the extracts for the seminars in weeks 5 and 8 of this term (see the syllabus page). Please note that seminars begin in week 1 but there is no set reading for this week.

I hope you enjoy the course!

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