May 20, 2010

Reflection on leadership feedback

Today i decided to opt to be a leader on one of the in-class group exercises. The outcome of todays activies actually contracdicted my initial thoughts about my leadership style. My initial thoughts were that I am a person who is too focus on the relationship with my followers than the task however in the feedback, it came out that after a while I became too consumed in the task that i forgot that my role was also to manage the team.

Having this knowledge is very important to me because i want to be a leader who knows when to be involved in the task and also when to focused on his/her followers. Now that i am aware of this, I think I can I can learn from the example of others in the group such as Noah. In the hotel exercise, Noah was very good because not only was he involved with the task, he also made sure that he would scan around to identify team members who appear to be not so involved.

May 08, 2010

Day 5 on the road to leadership and excellence

"The conclusion of the matter is: know and be yourself more with skills"

I have been thinking and reflecting on what it is that I have learnt this study week. Whilst I admire leaders such as Ricardo Semler, my aspirations should not be to be the next Ricardo Semler but rather Elvis Nague, a man who is just as effective as Ricardo Semler within my environments.

Now for this to be possible, I need to know myself more. Grow to understand why others follow me. One thing about influencing is that at times, you can be doing it without even realising you are doing it. Another question i need to constantly ask myself (especially when fighting for a leadeship role) is why do I want others to follow me? Is it for my ego or is it because i believe i can effect change to the benefit of all?

As i grow more in self-awareness, I need to also continue developping and using skills such as communication and influencing. It only this way, that I believe I can be an effective leader...

(let see if my thinking changes in the next couple of weeks)

May 06, 2010

Day 3 on the road to leadership and excellence

"Leadership is the art of influencing (the thoughts and actions of) followers to create voluntary effort with the aim of achieving a (shared) goal or purpose"

Above is the definition of leadership that my group came up with. Interesting enough, one thing that all the groups picked up on is that the ability to influence is really key in leadership. Yes this is key but at what point does influencing become manipulation? Is it when the aim changes from a shared goal to a personal goal?

One thing that i have definately learned is that to be an effective leader, one must be good at influencing others (directly and inderectly) and that a leader exists to serve the interests of the followers and not the other way round.

Something else on my mind.....

Goffee and Jones in their book "why should anyone be led by you" made a point which 3 days into the module, Paul Roberts has mentioned a few times, which is that leadership is not positional. This is an interesting point because many of us (especially those from the african community) are brought up to just follow (e.g. rules without questioning why those rules exist or an individual) and using your brain can be seem as abominable. If a person lower in rank or younger is seen to exercise any form of leadership (without having the position or title), they are seen as challenging authority and this is frowned upon. Now, my understanding is that leadership is about creating a platform or an environment within which your followers excel- not just the leader.

Hmmm, is this a case of influencing or decide!

May 04, 2010

Day One on the road to leadership & excellence

"Like beauty, leadership seems to live in the eye of the beholder"

Today I learnt just what the statement above means. When selecting a leader, whilst the choice of the leader should be determined by the situation, the perceptions of the potential followers plays an important role in the selection process. This is because we as individuals perceive leadership like beauty, differently. What I see as an important quality for a leader to have, may be recognised by others but not regarded to be as important. We therefore decide to follow leaders for different reasons.

This is important becuase perception is the reason why many qualified leadership candidates have been overlooked for leadership position. This does not necessarily means that they are not good leaders, but people perceive that they are not the best for that given situation.

Knowing this I think will benefit me because the next time i am tasked with choosing a leader, I will learn to appreciate the views of others more and also if I am overlooked for a leadership role in the future (when I think I am qualified), this does not mean that I am not a good leader, but it rather provides me with the opportunity to learn from others and also observe different leadership styles.

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