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November 23, 2012

Week 9 Questions

A clip from the 2004 BBC adaptation of North and South, which provides a useful visualisation of inside the factory.

Questions to prepare for week 9 seminars on Gaskell's North and South:

  • Think about the spatial politics of England in the novel: what meanings are attached to "North" and "South"? What is the significance and effect of this as a framework for the novel's central issues?
  • Class relations: how are cross-class relations depicted, and why are these important to the narration of Industrial dispute? How are both sides of the dispute depicted, and where does the novel's sympathy lie?
  • What gender issues does the text raise? How do gender and class intersect?
  • What connections does the novel make between regional and international affairs?

November 17, 2012

Victorian Manchester

This blog post "Palaces of commerce: Manchester's Victorian Warehouses" provides a nice complement to this week's reading, giving a sense of the grander city spaces behind which Engels is investigating.

October 22, 2012

Place and location in Wuthering Heights

This website details the places and locations in Wuthering Heights, mapping out the surrounding locale, creating floor-plans of the houses, and discussing possible locations that inspired the houses in the novel. It's a useful visualisation of the themes of space, borders and thresholds that we were talking about today.

(I haven't fully investigated the accuracy of the detail here, so if you want to use make further use of this material then remember that the usual disclaimers about using online resources apply - check the accuracy and reliability of all sources yourself, use your judgement in assessing and interpreting material, and cite correctly following the usual guidelines).

October 09, 2012

Resources for presentations/essays

The module bibliography contains plenty of suggestions for articles and books to refer to for your presentations - scroll down the page to find resources listed for each author/novel - but you can also search more widely using online resources. The Library's electronic resources page for English Lit students contains all the sites you might need for locating and accessing journal articles etc. The most useful collections are Project Muse and Jstor, and LION for details of articles (not all available online, however) - remember that if you're accessing these off-campus you'll need to log-in to your Warwick account via the library.

October 01, 2012


A series on "Servants: The true story of life below stairs" began last week on BBC2, and it provides some useful context for the themes of the first unit of the module on The House and its Head.

In the first episode, Dr Pamela Cox explored the life of servants in the country houses of the 19th century, looking at how the idea of service changed in the early part of the century in response to new ideas about the country estate. The programme also picked up on the increase of servants in middle-class homes throughout the century, drawing on issues around the rising middle classes that we discussed in the week 1 seminar. I found the programme informative and enjoyable to watch, and it will give you a good sense of life in the typical Victorian house, as well as contextualise some of the class issues in the master/servant relationship that we'll address next week with Castle Rackrent.

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