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February 17, 2013

Victorian Valentines

Two topical pieces of reading if you'd like some extras to make up for the postponed class this week:

In "Marry me, Bosie!" Dr Thomas Dixon offers some alternative perspectives on the criminal trial of Oscar Wilde in 1895 and the concept of "the love that dare not speak its name". We'll cover some of the trial and background on Wilde in the next class, so this piece offers some useful additional context.

If you bemoaned the over-commercialisation of Valentines Day last week then you might enjoy From Sentiment to Satire in which Dr Alice Crossley blogs about the Victorian origins of Valentine's cards - this also raises some interesting ideas around culture and cultural access from our week 5 reading.

February 02, 2013

The Value of Culture


Alongside this week's reading on culture and change, you might find this recent BBC radio 4 series The Value of Culture interesting. In the first of the 5-part series, Melvyn Bragg discusses Arnold's Culture and Anarchy and looks at its influence on later thinkers. The programme provides some useful contextualising of Arnold within Victorian social reform and education debates, and draws out some of the links to Ruskin's Nature of the Gothic. There's also some discussion of the idea of the university, which sets out a few issues in advance of Jude. Episode 1 is the most relevant to what we'll be discussing on Monday but episode 3 on "two cultures" will also be useful, and episode 5 returns to Arnold to explore his notion of culture in the context of today's society.

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