September 29, 2004

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EuroTheatre and Shakespeare

Surprisingly, a very quick, on-time creation. Now, any volunteers to contribute?

September 28, 2004


Writing about web page

Quite old-fashioned and basic, this introduction to Aeschylus may still be useful

Ęschylus, son of Euphorion, a scion of a Eupatrid or noble family, was born at Eleusis 525 B.C., or, as the Greeks reckoned time, in the fourth year of the 63rd Olympiad. (Read more...

From this page you can go to index of other materials on Aeschylus, all more or less of the same period and quality.

September 27, 2004

Seminar Timetable

There are two groups of European Theatre seminars assigned to me this term:

  • Mondays evening group, which meets in H542 from 6 till 8 pm
  • Tuesdays morning group which meets from 11 till 12:30 in the same room

Listening to Prozac – Review of Goodbye, Darkness by Peter D. Kramer

Writing about web page

Not of immediate interest to our courses, but certainly relevant to one of its main topics – emotions:

"What does the good life feel like? I mean the life worth living, the life we should and do admire. For most of the last century, that question was answered in terms derived from the study of depression, schizophrenia, and the anxiety disorders. A person in touch with the times would suffer existential angst and social anomie. To be wise was to experience ambivalence about important matters and to feel alienated from the culture.

If I am reading the tea leaves right, our fascination with emotional paralysis may be nearing an end…" (Read more...


Hello, everyone! –
that is, primarily, my two EuroTheatre and two Shakespeare groups, some of whom I am hoping to meet in the next couple of hours.

My experience has shown that in the swift-paced and wide-ranging courses – such as the two mentioned above – there is a substantial need for some sort of information and discussion back-up, update, and extension tool. While using this tool certainly means spending more time on the matters related to those courses, it, at least, affords the relative luxury of doing it at your own convenience.

In the past years (some of you who went through Modes of Reading with me know this) I relied heavily on emails, which proved not so flexible and efficient a tool for passing around information and encouraging people to bring up/follow up on issues of interest, closely or not so closely related to the course's topics.

Which is why I have just created a blog that I hope will be of, at least, some use for you and me in this academic year.

The additional advantage of a blog (in comparison to a course-centred Warwick Forum) is its flexibility as to the formats and formality of the information that can be displayed here. That is, I will try to make this blog sufficiently formal so that it may be useful for serious discussions as well as sufficiently informal to encourage variety and interest in the discussions and materials that will hopefully follow.

Check back soon for the updates on the materials.

Hope to see you soon,

My European Theatre groups are:

Mondays 6–8 pm room H542
Tuesdays 11–12:30, H542

and Shakespeare ones:

Thursdays 1–2 pm room H542 and 4–5 pm room H507

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