June 17, 2012

Knowledge is more important now!

In today's world, accurate, useable and effective knowledge is becoming more important because of current situation of the World. This situation provides people to get the knowledge easier than before and it is cheap nowadays and it is the end of our keyboards. Therefore, the problem is its quality and implemntation process. During my PMA, I tried to implment a brand new knowledge management approach for WaveRiders' cureent health and safety problem. However, even if it seems to be an easy process for individuals in the company, the main challenge is always commitment of people. For instance, during the auditing process, consultants need to get a proper answers from the shop-floor employees in order to reveal their knowledge. Therefore, any lack of commitment affects the process of knowlefge management appraoch.

June 15, 2012

People in KBAM

Today I just realized that even I reviewed my KBAM pma mind map so many times, it is still easy to forget the process. I believe that the main problem is knowledge management is really huge module and you can not find just one process in order to implement or manage knowledge in an organization. Thats why there are many references and approaches about knowledge management in the literature. In my opinion, the main reason of these broad explanations and types of knowledge management is people because there are a lot of parameters in people's behaviour and it was really understandable for me while I was making interviews with chefs. They always worrying about the people behaviour in restaurants especially in Turkey because people affect everything in any business and may change parameters easily. As a consequence, each step should be considered by thinking of people. Understanding their behaviour and acting according to these behaviour might be a good appraoch for organizations.

June 10, 2012

This is not a good restaurant!

I was watching two waiters in a famous good restaurant in istanbul today and I realized the importance of knowledge and getting knowledge by training. the problem occured when a younger waiter could not answer a question when a customer asked for a name of wine in the menu. Actually, it is a disaster for restaurant owner because waiter even did not know about the names of wine in the menu and he asked for permission from customer to ask the list of wines. After that, an older waiter came to the table and answer each question about the menu and wine list without looking to the menu or asking to the owner. It seems to be a simple mistake for most of the people but I think its a shame for this famous restaurant. Besides, as you can see knowledge is precious and waiters or waitresses should be trained to get this knowledge about the menu or all ingridients of meals.

June 07, 2012

You should manage it!

As I mentioned before in my blog, knowledge is really precious for organizations.However, maybe the second important thing is how to manage it. During our dicsussions with Emre, he mentioned that one of the 13 years manager of a company was fired in Turkey. Do you believe he has not got any knowlege which is not suitable for the company? When you fire somebody without getting any feedback, you just waste your and his 13 years time and you have tostart again to get this knowledge. In Turkey, there are many examples like this situation and companies are just throwing away their core beneficial knowledge by firing people. I am not saying that people should not be fired but before you fire somebody you need to get this knowledge from him not from 2 months worker and from 13 years of manager. Therefore,apart from creating knowledge in the organizations, keep and manage this knowledge is another hard job.

June 04, 2012

Knowledge–Based Asset Management–PMA

Emre Taner and me have been studying about the our strategy in KBAM pma and finally, we finalized our strategy and have chosen Health and Safey asset for our PMA. After all classes and team project, I felt my self that just understood what knowledge management is. However, there is a still missing part in this huge topic because of its unexplicable parts. For instance, I think the most important part in the knowledge management is "people". Therefore, understanding people's value is really crucial for organizations. Besides, the bridge with these people should be powerful in the organizations and this brige should be keep powerful in any time. However, in order to keep this biridge healthy and powerful, the first thing should be talking with them (shop floor workers) maybe this is the first siginificant duty of managers. (Break down the barriers) As we know that although breaking down the barriers seem to be very easy duty for managers, but it is really hard for managers to have this good realtion with their employees.

May 03, 2012

Knowledge–Based Asset Management–Knowledge is more important now!

In today's world, we are giving our controls to the machines and softwares however we are forgetting also our knowledge. Therefore knowledge is getting more important for our future jobs. Today I realized it again when I had a seminar with MBE team in WMG because if we keep our knowledge fresh and if we can implement it truely into the organizations, we will be precious in the future. As a result, we should try to create knowledge and use it.

I like the sentence that Paul told us today " If you wait your boss to do something, it means that you are waiting for your career.

April 19, 2012

Knowledge–Based Asset Management– Details of team project

Today, my team and me understood how a broad information that we are dealing about Knowledge management and asset management. We tried to find links between asset amangement and knowledge management today and almost every part of each of them can be linked easily if we go deeper and deeper. And we should go deeper and deeper, if we are in management for business excellence because everything should be considered in detail. However, it is really hard to get the proper answer about WaveRiders even it is imiginary company and even we have a chance to make a lot of assumptions. Maybe, this is the reason why it is really hard to find the main things to gain them EFQM excellence model. Another thing that my team was little bit confused is finding a lot small links between everything. Therefore, it will be really different to minimise all of them and write them in the portfolio by grouping the weak and strong approaches. We should find a proper tool to minimise them. Besides, I believe that we need to use all we have learned this year in MBE course such as organizational learning, six sigma and excellence models. Maybe, this is the way that we can create a really good portfolio and maybe this is the thing that Paul wants from us to realize.

April 17, 2012

Knowledge–Based Asset Management– It is really huge!

This is the first day for my group and I understood that these two topics are really huge as Paul told us in the induction lecture yesterday. First of all, WaveRiders should be ceated and considered almost from the begining to get an exact result for the presentation because both management approaches are realted to many parts in an organization. Therefore, WaveRiders has to be reconsidered again under the umbrella of Asset management and Knowledge Mangement. In addtion, EFQM excellence model is an another difficulty for the presentation because altough there is a matrix in the web site about the 4C, so many elements are related to Asset management and Knowledge Mnagement. All in all, i think this presentation will push our limits and create a good knowledge for our future career.

Robust Decision Making–PMA

It is really strange when you understood that you made a wrong approach even you thought that it was a good idea before. After the robust decision making module, I realized that we still do not have a proper result for WaveRiders even we used some significant decison making tools such as grid analysis, pareto analysis and decision tree. Maybe, if we had more time we could think deeper and deeper and maybe we should not have used three different decison making tools for Wave Riders. Therefore, it is really hard to find the exact solution for a company if you have a lot of variables in a specific situation.

March 01, 2012

Robust Decision Making–It is not easy!

Although we have a lot of tools for decisio making, it takes years to use the right tool for different situations in our life.Because according to the decision tools and its requirements, we need to get an experience with all of them to use them without looking tools requirements.For instance, if we are a leader in an organization, we will have to make quick decisons for different situations and we cannot have time to look any book to review our knowledge in our business positions.Therefore, we need to have a lot of expereinces for making decisoons to make the right decison on time. However, in a theory basis we cannot understand anything know (my opinion), we need a lot and a lot of pratices. We need a lot of work to do!

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