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August 19, 2013

I strangely like Mondays…......

I got into uni today mourning the fact that it was Monday again and my weekend away from my PhD was over....again. Shouldn't the weekend be three days long? It sometimes feels like by the time I have actually caught up on some sleep and ran around doing a few chores it's already Monday again argh!

But as I sit here, trying my best to be productive, I am starting to think that there is something strangely satifisying about a Monday- it's the start of the week, a day where you can wrap up things from last week and plan your next week ahead. I always seem to quite enjoy leaving for home on a Monday, knowing that everything is in order and feeling that turning up has been a useful thing!

I sometimes find when I have a Monday off that it feels like the rest of the week is a catch-up! Maybe I need to relax a bit more before I send myself crazy! Saying that I am rather looking forward to the bank holiday weekend (including the Monday off!)...................................enjoy your Monday everyone!

August 12, 2013

Lab stress!

Afternoon everyone!

Recently I have re-started my lab work and it has made me realise just how much time seems to fly during the day when you are trying to do office/admin work and lab work!

Working 9-5ish seems like a pretty sufficient day, I mean eight hours should surely be enough eh?! But when I am doing both lab work and computer-based work, it seems like eight hours is just not enough!

I suppose it doesn't help time management wise that I like to sit down first and plan all my lab work, so I know exactly what I am doing, what equipment I will need etc and then when I get results I like to sit-down again and write them all down and think about what they mean before moving on to the next stage of lab work. However, this does mean that I am methodical in my approach and I think it is important to keep pausing and thinking about what you are doing and why, otherwise you can end up wasting time and energy doing things that are actually irrelevant.

Some people love lab work, others hate it, some like a mix of lab work and computer-based work so I suppose it is a case of people suiting themselves. If you do what you prefer, then I assume that you are more productive, but it is important to be able to step outside of your comfort zone and challenge yourself!

August 06, 2013

Juggling PhD and Life!

Morning all!

These last couple of days I have been having those random 'omg!' moments when I think about how long I have left to finish my PhD and how much work I feel I need to do before the ominous hand in date!

I sometimes wish I could skip to the end of my PhD to actually see the end product and know that I don't need to panic, that everything that needs to be done will be done and so I don't need to do so much flapping- more just getting on with things!

I think I have been waiting for a few things recently and the slight delay in getting everything together has freaked me out a bit! Today I am reading through the details of a protocol I need to get my head around before seeing my supervisor to try and finalise what I need to do and how to get things moving again. Once this protocol is planned out on paper (I love writing in my lab book and planning stuff waaaaayyyy too much!) I think I will feel much more relaxed!

I keep thinking to myself that patience is the key! Things will start to move quickly once everything is in place! With a PhD though, it is difficult to judge your own progress, I am always asking myself- 'Have I done enough today?', 'What realistically can I complete this week?', 'Is this taking too long?' and 'Am I doing enough work?'. I don't think these thoughts ever go away, it's more a case of learning how to manage them in a way that actually helps you be productive rather than hinders you!

Anyway, enough talking more PhD'ing!

Happy blogging all!

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