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July 11, 2014

Time flies…...

Well it's already been over a month since my last update. Again, it seems like only yesterday that I sat down at my computer and typed it out, where does the time go! Anyway, since then, I completed that post-PhD application I mentioned, went on my school visit which was good fun and a nice change of scenery and then ploughed through my lab work. I had intended on spending more time writing first, but my supervisors wanted me to have everything finished in the lab so I would have time for data analysis and catch up on the writing afterwards. So, I spent a pretty intensive three weeks in a little corner of the lab pipetting away furiously and now that work is completed - just waiting on some results!

In the meantime I have started to plan how to analyse the data I'm waiting on and trying to get back into writing. My supervisors have been very supportive, telling me just to get some words on paper and send it to them so we can get working on things and make progress more quickly. I'm pleased that things are coming together and I'll start to see the story of my PhD on paper, but I am nervous about the time pressure to get everything written up in a way that is concise, well presented and understandable! I do have moments have panic thinking about the time I now have left, but then I try and calm myself and think the best way to address the horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach is to do something about it! So, today I plan on getting stuck into some writing. I know once I get started I should be fine at creating drafts, I know parts of it in all honesty will be rubbish, but right now I just need some words on paper! Wish me luck!

Happy PhD'ing all!

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