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May 09, 2015

New projects, old projects and finding my feet post PhD

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Again time has flown and I find myself looking back on my last blog post from 2 months ago feeling like it was only last week!

I have now come to the end of my research technician position. I have enjoyed this post as it has enabled me to help on different projects and in doing so, find out more about them and the people doing them. I am still working on the analysis of my PhD data, which has recently been slow in progress, but I now feel like I am reaching a point where things can move forward.

I was offered the senior technician position on a new project in my PhD research group since my last blog post. I was also offered an interview for the knowledge transfer position. I opted to accept the senior technician position as when it came down to it, I found my gut feeling was that I didn't want to move away from academia. I enjoy my research, my workplace and enjoy working with everyone in my research group, so it made sense to me to stay for a little while longer! I'm going to give 100% to this new position and hope that it will produce some useful results and interesting publications. I don't know what the future holds, but the position is for 2.5 years, so I'll keep looking at potential jobs both within and outside of academia and see how I feel in time. Being a research scientist means that I am constantly challenged, always problem-solving and learning new things and for me right now, I can't see another role that can offer me this in the same way.

I'm continuing my mentoring work with the fabulous IGGY and my mentoring work in my department as well as participating in mentoring and outreach projects when they arise. I really enjoying working with younger students, sharing experiences and providing advice based on what I have learnt. I particularly love my role with IGGY as it not only allows me to mentor younger students but also spend time thinking creatively about how to communicate science and make it more accessible which is a passion of mine.

Besides all that, I have a 16 month old Shih Tzu called Dolly with whom I go on adventures through the park everyday and have recently taken up running. I have taken things slowly with the running so as to not injure myself and to make sure I am motivated to keep going. At the moment I am training in the gym and am up to 4.5 miles in distance by running in 10 minutes intervals with walking breaks between - seeing as though a minute was a challenge to start with I am very pleased with my progress. Already I can see that my fitness has improved as I can use other gym apparatus with ease that I previously found difficult, so now I just need to keep it up! I am looking into entering a few 5k races in the next few months to encourage me to continue.

I think that covers everything I am up to right now!

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