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September 18, 2013

The struggle continues…....

Rather than keeping you hanging, I thought I'd let you know how those results were.....

Hmmm.....well they were.....interesting? I wasn't sure what was going on, so had another go with some tweaks and still got an unexpected result. So me and my supervisor sat down and went through everything to look for the answer, and after 30 minutes of pulling faces and head scratching we found 1 error and 1 way to improve what I was doing anyway, so I am now awaiting the arrival of the items we have had to correctly re-order to continue my quest.

So, I think this proves a point I mention quite often to others- in a PhD, especially a research one, things don't always go to plan! I was actually happier to find that we had made a mistake and be able to see not only how to rectifiy that but also how to improve things as a success! It is worse when you think you have everything right and still things aren't working!

The key here is not feel upset or angry - it doesn't help and just wastes your time and energy. Instead I am happy to plod along in the knowledge that we'll get there in the end! So, the quest continues!

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