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October 17, 2013

General rantings of a PhD student

Sitting here looking back at my last blog, I have absolutely no idea how it has been more than a week since I wrote it- where does the time go?! And why does everything take longer than you expect?!

These last two questions are probably the ones I repeat most often, sometimes to myself and sometimes to the poor souls who share an office with me. One of the major frustrations of a PhD is clock-watching. By this, I mean watching time pass by as you try and get things up and running, understand what the hell you are doing and why and then hit several brick walls in the process. I know when I finish my PhD I will berate myself for times when I worried about my progress and compared myself to others, but this doesn't mean I can't help myself from still doing it.

However, by this stage in my PhD, by stage I mean the last year (ooooh god!), I have started to accept that this is just part of doing a PhD. All I can do is try my best, keep plugging away, trying to make things happen and then write all about them when I run out of time. This is most definitely my current attitude after being delayed in my lab plans by a week rectifying something that worked before and then randomly decided not to. I bet being a post-doc is the same argh!

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