April 26, 2007

Looking for perfection when it's already passed me by…

Down to the final term as a first year at Uni - it is so scary at how quickly it has gone by! Came back to AV and everything felt bigger and better but i soon learnt that this was only because I hadn't been caged up in the bubble for ten weeks. Let be honest, only 4hrs after arriving I was beginning to wonder if I had actually left.

Easter wasn't too exciting...Was rather ill for the first two weeks and ended up in hospital - opps!! Teach me not to exercise...Oh and i finally completed my Duke of Edinburgh Silver award. A fascinating fact im sure you all really wanted to know!?

So what's the aim? Um well i have decided to go for a very crazy goal and realise a lifetime ambition: Run the marathon (but not until 2010!!) This is also a good way to train and have been running every night, it's not much but it's a start.

What else...Ah yeah work, not just sitting here and thinking about it but actually working and that is going very well (I know it is only wednesday though...) but exams are only a stone throw away *gulp*

Who knows what this term will bring? The 21 weeks I have spent at Warwick have taught me to live life because who knows what is around the corner?

If in doubt smile and carry on...

'till something interesting happens

Emma xxx

March 13, 2007

So I am no longer a fresher right?

I have to admit I cannot believe that i am sat here, 20 mins before a financial management exam and I decide to write a blog instead as it seems the most 'fashionable' thing to do and I am behind the times.

Oh well. I am a first year and therefore it is all about the purple at TopB (which is now only a pound woohoo) and how many rugby boys you can pull at 'Score!'. Well firstly I am a girl and therefore I most definately do NOT drink pints (Quote: 'Archers Girls come out to play') and if you're wearing white i.e. my white Chanel bag, then purple is as dangerous as confessing to my french teacher that no i havn't done that 6 million page french translation and yes I was out all last night hence the reason I am curled up asleep now...

I have however made it at university for a whole 20 weeks and I only have another ten to go...which as much as I hate to admit it I feel really down about as I have fallen in love with the whole university independence thingy that everyone goes on about but it is true. There is nothing better than coming 'home' (Arthur Vick 1 that is) at god-only-knows-what-time in the morning and waking up the whole corridor with that wonderful drunken singing, it makes such a change from quietly sneaking in at home only to fall over something and end up in a heap on the floor. Ah yes and meal times. So what if i don't want to eat a healthy meal at tea time and would rather eat pizza and chips at 10pm whilst watching countless episodes of Ugly Betty?? The joys of the thing we all crave - independence.

And facebook. Oh my god that will ruin my life. I have to see what my friends are up to, what's going on, who's dating who and what was said about who last night. I swear there should be a 'facebook addicts self help group...' It is amazing how obsessed one can become even though the real world is nothing like my idealistic cyber space - but a girl can dream right??

Back to my randomness, I have to admit that it truly has been an 'experience' thus far. I have never done so many crazy (and perhaps illegal??) things in such a short space of time. Already I have met people who have changed my outlook of life so dramatically that I'm not sure I would recognise myself as that nervous 18 year old, who turned up at the gates of life that one October day.

So as for my last term of being that carefree 'fresher' I plan to thoroughly enjoy myself. But hang on. Do I really believe that as soon as enter year two I will suddenly give up all my crazy nights out in favour of a text book and a cup of green tea? Will I really not feel the need to take on the world and have a real good time?

Nah not at all. The things I have learnt and will learn can only stand me in good stead for my next crazy adventure, and I can't bloody well wait!

*Kisses* The eternal fresher :)

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